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  Breathing heavily I sat down on the bench near a man, like me, waiting for the bus. I could feel him staring at me, not out of attraction but out of curiosity. My greasy hair and my tear stroked face must have been terrorizing. His gaze then went down to my torn clothes. I was sure he was going to criticize me like the rest of the rich people.

   Not a year ago I was one of the middle class. But the company I worked for had just gone bankrupt and when I couldn't pay my rent, I had to live on the streets. Thinking about the things I saw and went through made my body tremble and then I started to cry viciously. I felt a supportive hand on my shoulder and I was suddenly hugged to the man's chest sweetly.

   " I can see it in your eyes. The pain I mean, and you know? You are a strong woman, you are fighter. I saw you walk down this street confidently and then I was blinded by your beauty and your strength to keep your head high and your steps even when your ghosts are dying to break you and burn your soul. Take those and make a life of your own, you deserve happiness and peace. If fate is on our side I'll see you again, if not then I hope you'll be successful." And with that he put a huge check in the palm of my hand and left me speechless.

   I don't know what made me remember that accident but now, two years later, I'm sitting in my office in my own company that I started with the man's money. Wondering about the man? We're now happily married. I never imagined my life going that way. 


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