Chapter I - Out For a Day's Romp

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 1.1 - The Day Begins

Today was the beginning of a nice sunny day. Loeffel knew that, as he could just see past a corner of the blanket covering their house. He had seen days begin like this before, but not so many times. Loeffel hadn't seen that many days; he was a young bunny.

His sister and brother were up too. Their names were Hopel and Bopeli. They all weren't really brothers and sister, but it seemed nice to them to think that. They came to live at the house with the Big People and the kitties at about the same time. And, they were all about the same age. Loeffel was the biggest of the three. He was a big dwarf lop, all white but with a brown patch on his back and gray ears. His ears were so long he had to hold his head high to keep them off the ground. Hopel was a dwarf Angora. She had beautiful long gray fur. Even though it took a bit of work to keep the tangles out, she thought it was worth it for the puff-ball look she enjoyed so much.

And little Bopeli, he was a Netherlands dwarf, all black but for some brown patches. He was so small and round he looked like he could roll away just standing there. Sometimes he was a bit nervous somebody might do just that thing to him.

Hopel and Bopeli were sniffing about, eagerly searching for yummy carrots that always came with the new day. Soon the Big People would be up. Loeffel knew the carrots weren't to be found till the Big People came. He hadn't heard their feet yet, so they must still be sleeping. Loeffel had time to let his thoughts wander.

He remembered watching Jeckle yesterday when he pushed open the big screen door. It wasn't so hard to do and Jeckle was fast. So fast out the door that Loeffel almost jumped! What happened next was the screen door slammed back shut: Whap!

"Ah Hah!" Loeffel thought to himself, "cats have to be careful with their tails."

He knew that because earlier he had seen Heckle go out the same screen door, but not as fast as his brother: Whap! "Yeouch!!"

"That must have hurt! But I won't have to worry about the screen door that much," thought Loeffel, wiggling his little puff of a tail.

Heckle and Jeckle were house cats. They had been living inside with the Big People long before the bunnies could remember- well, long before these bunnies were even born, that is. Their fur was long and sleek and completely black, so black that they were hard to see, even looking straight at them. They shared the house with the Big People and the bunnies. The kitties and bunnies were comfortable with each other's company. Sometimes Jeckle played with them, and sometimes his play was a bit rough, with too much claws. But Loeffel kept him in check. See, kitties grab with their claws, but bunnies kick and slash with theirs. For their size, bunnies can be fierce little creatures. Jeckle wasn't really serious about hurting anybody anyways; he just forgets himself sometimes, letting out the wild cat that's deep inside every kitty. The moment always ended with Jeckle running off by himself to some corner for some vigorous back licking. Loeffel gave him his space. Later, everybody was friends again. That's a typical day in the house: a typical day of bunny, kitty dynamics.

1.2 - Where did the Big People Go?

From upstairs came noises, "Boom! Boom!".
"The Big People are up," said all the bunnies together.

"We're starving!" chorused Hopel and Bopeli.

"Ahh, come-on," said Loeffel. "How can you two be starving when you're half the size of me!"

"But we're gonna grow-up to be bigger than you are," boasted Bopeli.

"Hmm... Well, we'll see," said Loeffel, smiling to himself. "Maybe."

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