Chapter Thirty-Five:

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Ruka (1)

I gritted my teeth as I looked at my chained wrists and ankles. The arrow was still in my thigh and the pain I felt was indescribable.

My hands were in fists and my finger nails dug into my palms. My breathing was heavy and sweat was dripping down my forehead. I didn't let myself cry, I couldn't show I felt weak in that moment.

The door opened and in came commander Zhao. "Oh, you're still alive."

"Of course..." I gulped, trying to finish through the pain, "I'm still alive."

Zhao smirked, "I'm surprised to see you with the Avatar. Last time I saw you, you were with Prince Zuko and General Iroh."

"It was only temporary."

"I see." He nodded, "Rumor has it that you are the last southern water bender."

I didn't respond back, instead I let my head hang down low. I didn't have the energy to fight it anymore.

"Looks like you could use some help."

I screamed when I felt the arrow slide out of my skin. I breathed heavily through my nostrils as Zhao dropped the arrow onto the floor and inspected my thigh. "Hm, looks like you'll need some stitches."

He pulled out a roll of white bandages from inside his suit and started to wrap it around my thigh. It was immediately soaked from my blood.

"I'll see what our doctor can do." He smiled before opening the metal door then closing it shut behind him.

I looked down to my feet and the chains around my ankles. He has Aang. Where's Aang?!


I groggily opened my eyes when I heard the metal door creak open. I saw a body's shadow and I thought that it would be Commander Zhao, so I did my best to exclaim, "Where's Aang?!"

"Ruka!" The dim light shined on the body and I wearily smiled. "Aang."

From behind him, there was a person in all black with a blue dragon mask. I widened my eyes, "Aang! Watch out!"

"No, it's okay. He's here to rescue us."

The masked person took out dual swords from behind him and walked over to me. He broke the chains off with his swords and I fell to floor.

"I can't w-walk." I said slowly. "You... you have to go Aang."

"Not without you." Aang said. He ripped a piece of fabric from his loose clothing then tightly tied it around my thigh. He picked me up bridal style before him and the masked person ran out of the cell.

The masked person lead us into the sewers where him and Aang carefully walked with their backs to the wall.

The masked man looked out through the large openings of the vents and when the coast was clear, he brought his head back down then pointed his finger up.

The masked person lifted himself out using the bars then Aang raised his arms up to get the masked person to get me out first.

The masked person pulled me out carefully then when Aang was out, he picked me up again.

Aang and the masked person started to run toward a wall that had a rope hanging down from it. "How do we carry her up there?" Aang asked the masked person.

He pointed behind him saying he'll carry me on his back. We both knew Aang couldn't handle climbing up with me on his back.

The masked person turned around and slightly leaned down, letting Aang help me get onto his back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and did my best to do same with my legs.

Aang started to climb up first then the masked person and I went up.

While they were doing so, loud alarm bells stared to ring and a horn was blown.

"There! On the wall!"

A guard from the top of the wall cut the rope with a sword and Aang started to scream. Before we landed on the floor, Aang air bended under us to prevent us from falling harshly.

Aang pulled the upper part of my body from the masked person so he could whip out their dual swords. When he pointed to the gate that was yet to close, I wrapped my arms back around his neck. They started to make a run for it.

"The Avatar has escaped! Close all the gates immediately!"

Aang ran in front of the masked person and said, "Stay close to me!"

They started to fun faster as the gates started to close. A bunch of guards stood in front of the gate with their spears in hand.

Aang air bended them out of the way and continued to run straight to the gates.

The masked person had to stop and fight off all the guards that came our way. He would make sure to dodge or cut off any spears that came to me or to him.

I saw Aang run back to us and air bended all of the guards away. Aang used the staff to throw up the masked person and I in the air and onto the wall.

Guards were coming at either side of us and the masked person held out his swords.

Before anything could happen, we were lifted in the air by Aang. His legs were wrapped under the masked person's chest and my back.

He struggled twirling around his staff and carrying us at the same time. The masked person would cut off or kick away any of the spears that would fly to us.

I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Everything around me started to get dim and blurry and all I can remember is us falling on top of the wall before everything went dark.

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