“What the–Hiro! Haven't you heard a word ‘knock’?!” Quesnay yelled at her brother. “Privacy please!!”

Hiro groaned and lifted his head, only to stare at you. You noticed him blushing darkly and you were blushing much as twice now.

Then he looked towards Quesnay and glared at her. “You read my journal!?” He yelled.

Quesnay shrugged. “Yeah? That's what you get for taking my favorite sweater.”

Hiro still glared at her and quickly stood up while dusting himself.

“Anyways! I have to feed Mochi! Bye-bye!” Quesnay yelled while making her way out of her room.

On her way out, she mouthed the words 'Good Luck' to you.

Hiro shuffled awkwardly and still blushing darkly. You same with him.

Hiro rubbed the nape of his neck.

"U-uh... S-sorry about t-that..” He said and looked down.

You opened your mouth to say something but Hiro beat you to it.

“I know you don't feel the same way.. I was stupid to have a crush on my best friend.. But I can't help it! You're so pretty, generous, kind, and other things that made me fall for you!” He said while running a hand through his hair.

You were blushing that your face hurts. You quietly walked in front of him. Hiro didn't seem to notice.

He looked up and saw you staring at him which made him blush darker.

“I-i'm sorry..” He whispered.

You smiled softly.

“Don't be.” You whispered back.

“But–” He tried to say but you cut him off by kissing him.

Hiro's eyes got wide as his blush darkens.

You pulled back slowly, opening your eyes and smiling happily.

“I was gonna say.. I like you too..”

“Wait.. Really?” He looked at you still shocked of what happened.

You nodded meekly. “Mhm..”

He grinned and hugged you tightly. (Kiddos not too tight..)

He then pulled away and kissed you. You quickly kissed back. Hiro was taking steps forward and you were taking steps back. It continued until your leg bumped into Quesnay's bed.

Hiro gently laid you on the bed, him on top and still kissing you. His hands were in your waist as yours were in his neck.



You both broke the kiss and turned to where someone screamed. You both saw Quesnay with a disgusted face and blushing darkly.


You and Hiro looked at each other and smiled, then chuckled. You both stood up while blushing slightly.

“What? It's normal to kiss someone.” You said while smirking slightly.

“And oh sis? Haven't you heard a word called ‘knock’?” Hiro said and smirked.

Quesnay glared at Hiro and ran downstairs screaming:

“Aunt Cass! Hiro is kissing (Y/n) on my bed!”



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