(3) Knock

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You made your way to the Hamada brother's room. You were just having a little walk and saw the Café, so you decided to visit your best friend Hiro Hamada (and also big time crush).

On the way you saw Quesnay.

“Hi Quesnay!” You greeted while waving.

She looked at you and smiled brightly.

“Hi (Y/n)! Fancy seeing you here! What brings you?” She said, smiling happily.

Quesnay Hamada, apparently Tadashi and Hiro's little sister. She is just a mix of Hiro and Tadashi's personality.

You met her when you met the Hamada family, which was a year ago. You both treat each other like real sisters.

“Eh.. Just had a walk and eventually crossed the Café, soo here I am!” You exclaim while giggling.

“Seriously, what brings you here? I see that you're going to my brother's room.”

“Oh. Um.. I'm j-just here to visit.. Uh.. Tadashi!” You lied while pulling on a fake smile.

She raised her eyebrow and eyed you suspiciously.

“You're visiting Tadashi?” She said slowly, her face still suspicious.

You quickly nodded and felt sweat drip down your face.

“Okay? Um.. Tadashi's not here. He's still at his school. He hasn't really come home yet. I think it's about his project there. Didn't I tell you earlier?”

“Oh.. Uh..” You laughed nervously.

Welp... Busted..” You thought.

“Wait.. (Nickname).. Are you going to visit my obsessed gummy bear lover brother?” She asked, a smirk appearing on her face.

Curse Hamada smirks!

You sighed and looked down, feeling your face heat up. You then nodded.

“Oh. Awww! Are you gonna confess?!”

“Quesnay! Quiet down! We don't wanna let anyone hear you!” You whisper-shouted.

You also told her about the crush you've been having on Hiro, which was not a good idea by now..

Then, she ran and pulled your arm running to her room. She closed the door behind her and both of you sat on her navy blue bed.

“But you need to!” She whisper-shouted.

“No! I'm still not gonna confess! I don't even know if he likes me back!” You whisper-shouted once again.

“Of course he does! I took his diary–I mean what he likes to call ‘journal’ and took a peek– Ugh! For crying out loud! I've read it all! And what he writes, is all about you! I even saw that he wrote '(Y/n) Hamada' ! I already know that he wants to marry you!” She yelled.

By now you were blushing hard.

Then you heard a loud Bang! on the door, which startled you both. You looked at the door and saw Hiro on the floor (face planted).

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