Chapter 1

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Another journey of your life has come after 23 years of your existence here on earth. It was your dream to study abroad and finally you'll be attending to one of your dream universities, Seoul National University. You are enrolled in a 2-year graduate course, paid all the tuition and miscellaneous by your blood, sweat and tears and half is thru scholarship. Now, its time to say goodbye to your parents and 2 brothers. You and your family are not the showy type. But tears are forming as you wave them goodbye. Not wanting to cry like a baby, you focused yourself heading to boarding gate. So many thoughts and questions are flying in your mind. You are very dedicated to study and later on help your family by looking for a job in Korea (Anyways, you're from a 3rd world country somewhere in Southeast Asia).

As you arrived in Seoul, everything was strange. Of course, the people, the language (you've learned before heading to KR), the weather and the culture.

Since school will start a week from now, you decided to walk along the streets and places you're excited to visit, just like the places you see in Korean Dramas.

Engineering wasn't just the only thing you're interested. You also do videography and video editing. Actually, you've been a freelance videographer in your country to support your financial needs during college.


With your Go pro, you took a video of some places you visited and edit them in a cafe in Gangnam. You are very creative when it comes to filming, despite the fact that you only took a short course of videography during your vacation when you were in college.

After editing the video, you watched it for how many times because you are so excited and so amazed with your creativity. You also played some of your creations aside from that, without noticing that someone is also watching it.

"You have talent in videography and film editing Miss." a strange man from the table next to yours with big nose butted in the middle of your amazement.

You smiled at him and said "Thanks."

"If you don't mind, we're actually looking for a cameraman in our agency. If you're interested, you can come to our office and apply." he said while handing you a calling card.

Bang Si-Hyuk
CEO Bighit Ent.

"Oh, I am not a professional videographer. I'm sorry, but I think I am not qualified, Sir." you said trying to give back the calling card.

"It's okay. We don't need professionals, we need new ideas. Just in case you change your mind." refusing to what I'm returning, he smiled and left.

Woah daebak! This is really something. But why shouldn't I give a try. Opportunities like this should not be ignored, it has a purpose.

You woke up early in the morning to prepare for an unplanned application. You just wear jeans, white sneakers and loose black shirt with your big glasses on, the usual attire (you're not the girly type, doesn't even care about how you look).

As you were waiting for the CEO's secretary to call you, a guy with a pale skin and gray hair took one seat apart from you and browsed his phone. You looked at him without even turning your head to where he is.

He looks like an idol. But who cares if he's an idol, we're all human, breathing the same air.

As for yourself, you are not interested in idols, actors or celebrity.

"Y/N-ssi! Please come in to CEO's office." the secretary called. You stood up and walk over to CEO's office but someone pushed you slightly and it was the guy seating next to you, rushing to get inside the office.

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