I woke up and expected to be in my room. I looked around and was surprised to see I was in the living room with the opening credits to Aladdin playing. I then remembered watching movies with Liam and figured we must've fallen asleep. And for once, he hadn't carried me up to my bed. How depressing.

I started to get up, but an arm held me down. I looked over and saw Liam sleeping on the couch. He had his arm wrapped around me, holding me next to him, and I realized I was snuggled up next to him.

I smiled when I saw him sleeping. He looked cute, less manly and more puppy-like. He was breathing slowly, and his scent washed over me. He smells like the forest, along with some sort of smell like cologne, only he never wears cologne. He just naturally smells good.

"You know, it's rude to stare," Liam muttered, his eyes still closed.

I rolled my eyes. "It's not rude when you've known the person your whole life."

"Still rude," Liam said.

"Now, is that anyway to talk to the birthday girl?" I asked.

Liam opened his eyes and smiled. "Yes it is, because the birthday girl is astonishingly annoying."

I scowled at him. "You still have to be nice to me today. It's not my fault I was born on two days."

My birth was weird to say the least. You see, when a werewolf is born they usually first show there werewolf qualities the same time they're born, making it both their human and werewolf birthday. But I was born one day, and then I showed my werewolf qualities, my golden eyes, the next day, making my birthday last two days. It's weird, but it happens.

Liam smiled and tapped my nose with his finger. "That just shows how special you are. Don't let it go to that pretty little head of yours. You don't need an even bigger ego."

I elbowed him playfully. "You're just jealous I'm better than you."

"That can be debated. Now shut up and let me sleep."

I giggled. "Hey, you woke up all on your own."

"No, I woke up because you were staring at me like a creepo."

I hit him. "I am not a creepo!"

"You were staring at me like one."

"I wasn't staring; I was just looking."

"While not taking your eyes off me or blinking? You were staring." Liam smiled at me. "Can't blame you, it is hard not to look at this gorgeous face."

I rolled my eyes. "And you call me self-centered."

Liam grinned. "You love me."

"That can be debated." I mimicked his earlier words.

Suddenly, I was pinned underneath Liam. He was on top of me, holding my arms down, and his body weighing mine down. Tingles erupted where his skin touches mine, but I figured it was because his skin was cooler than mine, as he had just woken up whereas I'd been awake a little longer than him.

"Say it," Liam said.

"Never," I replied.

Liam tightened his hold on me. "Say it!"

"Not in a million years." I wrapped my legs around his waist and twisted around, flipping us over. I pinned his hands down, and I straddled him, keeping him down.

"Say it," Liam tried again.

I laughed. "Not gonna happen. I win, by the way."

"Never," Liam growled.

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