The barriers have been broken, the cliches have been embraced, and Mandy and Justin have finally gotten the chance to be together for everyone to see - as a real, official couple. Everything seems to be going as planned - they're both happy and ready to live up their second semester of grade 12 together and drama-free.

But it wouldn't be grade 12 without some drama.

And when the one person both Mandy and Justin would do anything to get rid of - Aubrey Woods - corners Justin one day, she utters the two words no teenage guy ever wants to hear from a girl:

"I'm pregnant."

And suddenly, Justin's and Mandy's worlds are turned upside down.

Justin is determined to prove that he isn't the father, but as the drawn-out battle between him and a bitter Aubrey rages, a slew of new problems arrive on the scene, including newfound tensions between Justin and Mandy; Mandy's worry that the baby scandal may be bringing Justin and Aubrey closer together than she'd like; the superhot new kid who just may have a thing for Mandy; old temptations; and a renewed passion for lying and deception. 

With all this and more, things at Stratford Secondary are about to be taken to a whole new level of drama.

Better hold on tight.

a fanfiction by xladolcevita72
Sequel to Dark Blue

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