Chapter thirty-four (Harry finds out)

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I sat at the breakfast table looking around for Ron but he seemed to be having an argument with Luna who recently has been acting more floaty than usual. what's going on? Nico sat beside me picking up food and burning it like usual before finally eating. Halfway through his toast, he notices me watching and swallowed slowly.

"Do you wish to speak with me," I am used to the formal way the Royals speak now and merely nod.

"Well, what do you wish to say?" I contemplated telling him my consersns, The dark boy seemed off and I didn't know if I could trust him.

"Well, have you noticed how Luna and Hermione have been acting kinda strange lately?" He nodded slowly his eyes wide, he knew something that I didn't.

"Do you know what's going on, please be honest with me, they are my friends." He looked worried for a moment before sending a silent question to Jason who just nodded in reply. 

"Hermione and Luna a possed by a spirt called 'They,' It seems Luna gave us fake memories with a potion under the control of They, she can't control herself neither can Hermione. We figured this much out through a book and some clues from Fred's ghost. We also know that They give them a diary which is their house colour and write what he did while he was in control, Will told us this as he was also possed by 'They', the reason your friends are not telling you anything is because They will threaten them, Will get hurt by revealing the Diaries to us but it was helpful in figuring out a part of his plan. He's going to take control of four students one form each house, why? We don't know but we know that he is looking for something that I have." I felt my head spin at all the information I was given before the overpowering feeling of guilt flooded me. I was the Hero and here I am oblivious while my friends get possessed and making the Royals not only put themselves in danger but also try and protect the world that I'm supposed to save, I did once and now it looks like I'm gonna have to do it again.

"I want to help," Nico smiled darkly,

"I thought you would..."

So there you have it another chapter, now Harry knows so what Is he going to do? And why do you think Luna and Ron were fighting? Thanks for reading don't forget to comment and Vote if you liked it!