You Just Haven't had Enough...Right? Chapter 2

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"I am not Kendall." the voice was husky and it sent chills down my back as it hit the crook of my neck and shoulder. "But I don't think you need to finish getting ready. You look good."

"Shane! When did you get here?!" I said with excitment turning around hugging his neck.

He hugged my waist placing his head in the crook of my neck. I swear that that is his favorite spot also I wouldn't be surprised if he was a vampire...if it weren't for his looks. His dark brown nearly shoulder length hair tickled my nose as I rested my cheek against his tan built frame. His eyes were chocolate brown and everytime he is around and I am craving chocolate I pretend to take his eyes. Yeah we are a weird couple, but hey at least we don't need pills or condoms to have a good time! To tell you the truth we haven't even kissed yet, but we have only dated for about six months. I like to take it slow, I also don't want to break my heart that easily again. Thankfully Shane respects that and that is a major thing there!

"I just got here adn your sister told me where to go. She seems pretty protective." Shane said with an amused while unsure expression.

"Oh, yeah she is still mad about the end of my past relationship. So now every guy she sees me with she warns him. I think its cute." I said shurgging.

"So did I. I almost laughed but then I realized she was 'that' height." said Shane with an expression that said it all. I laughed at his comment and let go of him...well leaned against his arms that were still on my waist. This sudden change of weight cause us to spin and land on my bed in the same position. He looked down on me with a smirk as I tried to not laugh at the awkwardness right now.

"Ok so we haven't kissed yet but you're willing for this? Am I missing something?" asked Shane jokingly raising an eyebrow.

"Oh I just got a hormone drive. No biggie." I joked rolling my eyes shrugging.

"Well it is to me!!" he commented and pretend to attack my neck but his teeth from his 'monsterous jaw' brushed my neck to my collar bone. I was laughing so hard as his hands tickled me that it wasn't til someone coughed did we notice my family was at my doorway with that 'oh really?' expression.

Shane instantly shot up and said, '' there was nothing going on I swear on Carlynda's life!!"

"That is what my husband said to my father and looked what happened," said my mom nodding towards me and Rea with her head.

Shane was deep red and was trying to convice my parents of our 'attack'.

Kendall finally stood up and said smirking, "Shane, its alright we're just pulling your leg. Not literally though, that is Carly's job obivously."  

Carlynda cringed at the nickname Kend just used on her. "You know, Kendall, at least I can get a date!" I said smirking. Kendall's smirk dissappared like it should be after he calls me Carly.

"Alright you two. Let's go or would you rather stay here?" asked Mom who was begining to mess with her blonde mid shoulder spiral hair. Her blue eyes stuck out in her fake tan skin, they were full of annoyence. That ended the fued so Shane and I got up and we got out the door to our vecihels.

Mom got the keys and we all pilled into her Dodge Durango 2012. Mom-driver, Dad-shotgun, Rea-behind Mom, Kendall-behind Dad, Shane and I sat in the back. We didn't sit in the back to get as far away from the family, I just sit in the back and it would be rude to have Shane sit with Kendall or Rea on his first day meeting my family. Mom turned on the radio to 'This Week's Top Picks' which Shane and I call 'This Week's Top Sex Stories' because alot of the top picks and talks in between songs are about sex and body parts. "MOM! CHILD!! DAD MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!!" exagerated Kendall and I in unision. Dad laughed and changed it to Mariana's Trench CD I made which started to play, Haven't Had Enough. We all started to sing to the song and dancing in the car.

When we arrived at the mall Kendall saw some of his buds who just "happen" to be arriving and waiting infront of the mall. He is about to take off until I come out and grab him by the arm.

"Kendall you know full well you have to spen FAMILY day with the rest of us!" I said smirking and waved to his friends who waved or wolf whistled back. We all walked up to the front of the mall, I am still holding Kendall's arm I start to hold on alittle tighter as his friends stare at me in a way that makes me nervous. I could feel Kendall get tense and his arua changed from goofy to protective. Shane walked behind us but was fully aware of my nervouseness which made his actual muscels the ones that Kendall's friends pretend they have. Kendall unlike his friends has muscels and to tell you the truth I would be more scared to see him pissed than be stuck for a hour in a room with two of his friends. 

"Yo! Guys she is family and is off limits. Big boy's toy." Kendall thumbed towards Shane whose apperance made the guys stop and get nervous and Kendall loosened up. I let go of Kendall and wrapped my arms around myself, both of them loosely clung to my sides. 'My shirt just had to be alittle short to reach my shorts.'

I heard a question that made my skin cold, "would you boys like to join us?" asked the voice that I couldn't believe that came out of my mother's mouth. I was about to object and say something when I felt an arm on my back and pulled me over to the right. I look up to see Shane looking straight ahead at the guys with an emotionless stare. The guys sadly agree and start talking right away to Kendall and Dad. All guys on a sports team like Dad because he made our sucky teams into state ,almost national champions the only reason why we aren't is because money and transportion are issues also so is timing. Everytime we are able to go someone's family member dies, sick, or gets hurt.

Kendall's friends comment about how much they can bench and how tough they are as the side glance at me. I giggle and look up at Shane who was the toughest guy ever and he wouldn't let anyone touch his girl.

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