Chapter XXIII

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The man saw us not as surprised as Pandora and I were. Although we had seen ghost many times in the past, it had been a long time since the last time we saw one, and Gail was more like a spirit, not a dead person.

The one in front of us was almost grey, devoid of color, with the saddest look one could have ever seen. He was dressed with black and white, formal clothes, completely shaved and with long, black hair, which made him look even taller and longer than he could have possible be when alive. 

No one said anything for a while, Pandora and I because of the surprise, trying to understand what had just happened in front of us, and the man only attempted to open his lips. Finally, Pandora broke the silence and, before speaking, taking a step closer to the being.

"Hello, should we consider you a friend or an enemy?"

"Whichever you prefer, my dear lady," said the man barely moving his mouth, but with a voice as clear as if he were ... alive.

"Do you represent any danger to me or my friends?" She asked, with the rune still in her hands, pulsing power through her fingers in the form of a liquid mist. I was still looking at the ghost, waiting for a clear indication to know if he was any of the things Pandora had asked.

"What kind of danger could a simple ghost represent to a witch that dominates the craft of the Atlantean magic?" He raised an eyebrow and Pandora gasped, surprised again.

"What do you know about this magic? Why would you even know about it?" She became more suspicious, keeping the rune and infusing more power in it. I just hoped it was all just a misunderstanding and that we had nothing to worry about.

I wanted to go with Wiese and Gail, wanted to tell Draxen to come, but it was better to keep an eye on such a creature, so I just remained silent, sensing all the environment around me to know if someone was in their way to the place.

"The only thing you need to know, lady, is that I have no interest in your issues, and will only request you to return me to my sleep. The memories I carry are heavier than the weight of such power in your shoulders."

"Means you were alive once, am I right?" I finally asked. "What happened to you? We just want to be sure if you, or anything related to you represents a danger for us."

"Yes, majesty." He turned his gaze to me. "One time my body was filled with blood and air, my tongue would speak freely and my hands could touch the whole world."

"Then why are you in this place, the Realm of Dreams?" I manage to ask despite my fears. Pandora was aware of it, and so she kept the rune.

"For a witch as powerful as the one right beside you, majesty, although, and pardon my words as I intend no offense, I would say that the one that said that is the name of this land has lied to you."

"What? Explain me what you mean, starting with your name and how you know who I am."

"Do please stop threatening me then, my lady," he now looked at Pandora. "If I had the remote chance of fighting you, I would have done it already, do not you think so?"

"Try something, anything, and you can be sure you will die a second death," she warned him.

"Fair enough." He sat down in a bed behind him, caressing the mattress, trying to feel something, and I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. "Do not, majesty," he said looking at me, "I knew the day will come when I would have to face my fate as one of the deceased."

He tried to smile to me, but those eyes said something completely different. "However, you asked me something, you have the right to know, and I the duty to respond."The man took a breath before talking again.

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