Part 131*

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After the fun filled day at PCT and the family visit to the Tiwari Killa, Shravan and Sumo headed back home where the family was waiting for them for dinner. As soon as the two entered the house, they found the family sitting in the living room. As soon as Kamini saw them, she rushed on over to them. 

Kamini: Suman, Shravan! You guys are here? What took you so long? 

Sumo: (smiling) Sorry Chachi Ji, I had to go meet Nanu so I went to the Tiwari Killa. 

Kamini: No problem Beta. Why don't you guys freshen up and will start serving dinner. 

Shravan: (holding her hand) Let's go Sumo.

Pushkar: (grinning) Don't take too long in the bedroom Bhaiya. We're all very hungry. You can do whatever you want with Sumo after dinner too.

Shravan: (glaring) Thanks for telling me. Now I'll definitely take extra long. 

Sumo: (hitting his shoulder) Shravan the poor guy is hungry! Pushkar don't worry, I'll bring him down in 5 minutes. 

Pushkar: (smirking) That's my Sumo wrestler. 

Shravan glared at Pushkar before Sumo yanking his hand and pulled him up the stairs. It wasn't long before Sumo fulfilled her promise to Pushkar and dragged Shravan down the stairs. The entire family was sitting at the table, ready for dinner, when Sumo and Shravan joined them with a smile on their face. 

Lalaji: (in a jolly voice) It's so nice to have to whole family together for dinner! 

Ramnath: Yes Lala, I was thinking that same thing! 

Kamini: The house was so empty without Shravan and Suman Puttar! 

Pushkar: (grinning) I know! I didn't have anyone to irritate or disturb either! 

Shravan: (rolling his eyes) Thank god! I didn't have anyone to disturb me either! It was so nice! A Pushkar free zone! 

Preeti: (pouting) But his disturbed me a lot Shravan Jiju!!

Shravan: What?! Pushkar, what is this I am hearing?! How dare you disturb my Saali!

Pushkar: (shocked) Your Saali? First of all, you're my brother and should always take my side. And second of all, I didn't even bother Preeti!! 

Preeti: Yes he did!! He would stay in his office till the late night and then when he came back he would work some more!! He didn't even look at me properly! I wear all these expensive sari and jewelry for you and you can't even look at me for five minutes! How rude!!

Shravan: WHAT?! How could you Pushkar?! 

Sumo: What is this I'm hearing Pushkar? How could you do this to my Pretty Preeti? 

Pushlar: Oh my gosh!! That was just one night!! I had an important case and that's why I was busy! All the other nights I spent with her! Preeti, how could you forget all of that?! Not to mention I drove around for 2 hours trying to find her favorite pastries!!

Preeti: Stop acting like such a saint!! You didn't even bring me the right kind of pastries!! You know flavor he got for me Di?! Strawberry!! I mean how could you Pushkar?! You know my favorite flavor is chocolate!! 

Pushkar: Who asks for chocolate pastries at 2 am!!?? Bhaiya, she woke up at 2 in the morning and started crying because she was hungry for pastries! And she wouldn't be quiet until I told her that I would go get some! So two in the morning Bhaiya! Two in the morning, I drove around the city looking for her pastries! And everything was closed! After driving around like an idiot, I finally found on cafe that had pastries but they were all out of chocolate so I got strawberry! And what do I get in return? She runs after me with a hot iron!

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