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So idk if I want to do another preference/imagine book for Riverdale.

As fun as it was to write, updating it everyday became more of a chore and an obligation than something I genuinely enjoyed. And yes, I am aware that probably half of the book was me saying how I couldn't update that day, but I still had posted something and that was my goal.

And as much as I like updating something everyday (the preference/imagine book), I don't think I'll be able to do that anymore with my current schedule.

Ya see, I'm about a month into my first year of college (university), and I've been writing papers every day. School is lowkey a big focus for me right now, which is something new for me. (Meaning I'm actually actively trying to do as well as I can on assignments and putting in as much effort as I can instead of just doing the bare minimum and coasting by).

But, I can see that my Riverdale book is still getting some love, months after I last updated it. Ya see, I was updating daily because I like to see the notifications everyday, and I thought that if I didn't upload daily I wouldn't get those notifications. But obviously I now realize that's not the case, as I just got a notification that someone voted for a chapter not even 10 minutes before I started writing this. So I see that some people still care about it.

So in honor of Riverdale season 2 premiering this Wednesday, I have decided to start a new Riverdale book! Instead of preferences and imagines, though, it'll be like an alphabet challenge for each character. Like I'll go through all 26 letters with, let's say, Archie, then I'll go through them again with someone else. Each letter will stand for a different word, and I'll write a little drabble based off of the character and the word. For example, a chapter for Jughead could be F-Fight, and the chapter would be a little blurb about a fight you and Jughead get into. If this sounds confusing I promise it'll become more clear as I update, I'm not real good at explaining things sometimes.

I also most likely won't update everyday, and will probably just update whenever I have the time, but I love how interactive my last book was and I wanna continue that here, so if y'all have a specific character or word (or phrase) you want me to write, drop me a comment! (I do have some chapters prewritten though so I may not use your suggestions right away). Also I will be going one character at a time, one letter at a time. So if I'm doing an Archie chapter on the letter H, the next chapter won't be Cheryl with the letter M. But if you want Cheryl to be the next character after Archie, that's fine, I can do that. I also won't repeat. If you request Archie with the letter J while I'm on Archie with the letter J, it's not gonna happen. Each character will get 26 chapters, then if you still want it (and there's enough chapters left), I can restart the list so your request could be in Round 2.

Ok so hopefully this makes some kind of sense and the first chapter (if it's not up today) will be up at some point before Wednesday.

Thanks for sticking around, hey to all you new peeps out there, and enjoy!   ❤️

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