Chapter 56

"So.... you're in love with Zayn now?" Niall whispered to Rachel as they walked back into their cabins. She turned around and shook her head confused. 


 Nat walked up towards them and her mouth was round. "Oh my god Niall. You don't just ask people if they're in love with someone." 

 "Okay Nat? You've really gotta stop watching 'Mean Girls'!"

  "That was NOT from Mean Girls!"

  "Umm yess it was!" 


"CAN WE ALL JUST SHUT UP FOR A SECOND!" Rachel announced to break up their argument. 

"What the hell though? Where did you get that I was in love with Zayn?"

 Niall shrugged like what he said was no big deal. "I don't know. I just assumed it since he saved you and all and you went all crazy when he was in the hospital."

Rachel moved back while she let the rest of the guys get into their cabins while she stayed outside to talk to Niall. "That doesn't mean I love him. I care for him because he's my friend. Just like you!"

 Niall chuckled to himself. "Rach, we all know the truth, I've told you this before. Even you may not know it, but deep down inside... you really do have a special feeling for Zayn. I'm not trying to mess up anything between you and Harry, or whatever you had, but I'm just stating the truth."

 Great. Now each one of her friends was even beginning to realize it, and Rachel still didn't know herself. She knew she did have a special place in her heart for Zayn that wasn't so important a while back. All these mixed emotions though, she just didn't know. Rachel smiled.

 "Thank you for that Niall, but I think it's getting quite late now. It's been a long day and I think we all need our sleep."

 "Stop denying it your changing the topic!" Niall pointed his finger at her.

 Rachel shoved him playfully and laughed. "Oh shut up Nialler!" 


 "Thanks Danielle for letting me share your cabin with you. I had nowhere else to sleep." Rachel thanked her, while she unpacked her bags and folded all her clothes into Danielle's closet.

  "No problem babe, I'm so sorry for everything.. You lost all your stuff along with the cabin. This is the least I could do." She added sympathetically.

  Rachel brightened. At least in these desperate times, she always had Danielle with her. 

 "Thank you so much Dan, really. I'm lucky I left these bags of clothes at Nat's cabin. We had a sleepover a while back and I forgot some of my clothes there. This is all I've got left. I'm so lucky though.... you have not seen Kate's rage attack yet. It's the end of the world when Kate's lots all of her most prized possession... her fashion accessories." 

"Oh man, I really don't wanna even try and imagine that one." 

Rachel laughed and continued putting her stuff away. 

Danielle sat down on the bed next to her. "So, do you have any idea where Louis, Kate, and Harry are staying?"

 Danielle asked taking a bite from her apple. "Well, I have no idea about Kate, she can go sleep at the beach for all I care... but Louis staying with Eleanor, and Harry... well he's probably with Lauren." 

 Rachel's face fell. He was with Lauren, she knew it. Clearly he had moved on and had no interest in waiting for her. Danielle hugged her lightly. 

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