Maria {Five}

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     When David yelled for D'Angelo and I. We raced each other from third base. I clearly won. David told us that it was time to go home.

     "Rafael Devers hits a grand slam with Mookie Betts right field, Xander Bogearts short stop, and Jackie Bradley Junior left field on base." The radio said, on the car ride back to the Ortiz's.

"Dad, did you hear that?"

"Yeah, I did, D!" He answered. 

"Mr. Ortiz you may not be playing anymore, but you are still a legend." I had to say. I'd been holding onto it for about twenty minutes now. 

"Call me David, Maria. By the way, thank you. I saw you and D'Angelo playing pass. I also saw those throw downs that you had, they were AMAZING!"

"Thank you, David. It feels amazing to hear that from David Ortiz. How do you not smile to that?"

"Your welcome, sweetie. Who wouldn't like you? Your athletic, cute, and funny. What other traits can you have? Maybe this week I can help you on some hitting stuff. D told me that you play softball, it's also pretty obvious. You stand out from all the girls that I've ever seen play softball."

"Thank you so much. Working with you sounds like a dream come true." 

     the three of us were talking until we got to their house. It looks like a mansion. I can't even believe this. Oh, wait it's David Ortiz, yes I can. When I walked into their house D' Angelo showed me around. There's only a bed for his two sisters, Alex and Jess, David and his wife, Tiffany. So D and I have to share a king sized bed, that's fine with me. 

"Maria, pretend your at home." D'Angelo says. 

"Don't tell me that, I'll turn this place into a zoo."

"Oh well. It happens. You haven't met my friends, they'd do worse than you'll ever do." D' Angelo answers. We both laugh and he leads me to the kitchen. 

"Maria, if you wanna go in the shower, go right ahead." 

After I got out of the shower, I walked into his room and he was laying on his bed and I asked him if he was awake. 


  What songs have you completely memorized? 

All Shawn Mendes and R5 songs and most Charlie Puth and Bruno Mars. 

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