Chapter III- Dancing Tress

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 the's really funny xD....I just heard it and kinda put it in the story....haha.....,'you'll know why I put that.....


Chapter III

Dancing tress

“Hello! I’ am at your feet idiot!” The unknown voice answered to me.

“What?!” I can’t help it, I again step backward.

“Owww! Can you stop stepping backward! You’re hurting me!”

“Show yourself” I looked onto my shoes and found a tiny girl about one inch tall, who’s tapping her shoulders and her rag dress to get rid of the dirt that I cause.

I step backward and backward.

“You’ll hit a tree.”

I hit a tree, exactly what that thing has said.

“What are you t-t-thing?!”

 “What? You never saw a sprite before?”

“My uncle talks about your kind. But, yes. It’s my first time to see a thing like you.”

How could this thing?...

“I’m not a thing! Sprite! Clear’a?”

She looks around, thinking; maybe deciding something? Why the hell do I care anyway? This brat!

But then, she looked at me.


She wiggles around, “Could you help me?”

Now what? This brat needs my help. Never!

“You stepped at me many times before, you need to pay!”

Now it’s paying time huh.

I just stare at her, saying nothing.

“Ok! I want you to help me find the way back home.” She frankly says it!

I can see her blushing.


“Explanation why ‘am lost? I met this talking cricket and I got lost following him. And besides, you need to say thank you.”

“Why should I do that?”

“Because I save you from the falling ball before, remember?”

Now I remember. Way back to our house with John. She was the shadow that I saw below the ball.

So, I need to say thank you. But originally, John was the one who helped me! But, maybe I could bully this.

“All I need to do is say thank you right?” She nodded.

I smile “Thank you.”

“That’s not what I mean!”

Yah, I know. But I want some fun. I want to laugh from what her reaction, but I shut up my mouth.

She sat down, she’s feeling down. Lost like me, she is. ‘Am I that bad? No chance of returning back from her parents? Ohh, now that’s bad.

I have a choice, help this thing called sprite who is talking to me for a thank you or leave her alone. It would hurt her if I leave her, but what can I do? I’m lost too. Funny right?

“The thing is, I’m lost too.”

“I’ll help you go back to your house if you help me go back to my house first.”

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