Days pass and everyone in the office knew that there is a tension between Harvey and Lydia. As Harvey proceeds with his revenge, Lydia is getting more and more agitated and frustrated.

Harvey could only smile as he watch Lydia catch up to him in frustration. He started with messing with his schedule, and then he would make appointments without her knowing, it was then followed by sending her to a project without informing what she needed to do.

Two weeks had pass since he began and he can see how badly Lydia was affected by it. He watch her come home looking like she’s been running around and exhausted.

Somewhere in his mind, had this nagging feeling that sends tightness in his chest but his ego was wounded and want nothing but revenge.

He felt disappointment that he can’t humiliate her in public like how he usually deals with those people who humiliate him. Being his wife and all but it didn’t stop him for torturing her.

He knew that his employees are talking about them. He had overheard them all talking that he and Lydia were having a fight.

The following week, he had refuse to talk to Lydia or acknowledge that she exist and standing beside him during any events. These raise brows.

However, what he didn’t expect to see was the sadness and hurt in Lydia’s eyes when he came home one night to get some clean clothes after staying in the hotel for a week.

Ignoring Lydia and the sudden feeling in his chest, Harvey made his way up to his room and dumped his dirty laundry in the basket and grabbed new ones. He wondered why Lydia was still awake at this time of night.

He stops what he’s doing and looks at his clock.

Eleven, fifty-three PM, it says.

The Lydia he knew go to sleep at ten and the lateness she had stayed up on the weekdays was eleven thirty which puzzles him why she was awake at this time on a Tuesday night.

Harvey steps out of his room, dropping the clothes on his hands. He frowns as he hears a car starting outside. Running to the balcony, he watch as Lydia drove off.

“What the hell?” He said under his breath as he run back into the house and straight to Lydia’s room. He open her wardrobe and found her clothes still inside. He then quickly saw her laptop.

He quickly opens it and hope that it didn’t required password. He sighs in relief as it open up straight to her home screen but frown at what he saw.

He stares at all the tabs opened, all of them were apartment. There was a note on the keyboard of her, the pros and cons of each of the apartment she’s looking at. But what bothered him was how far each of the apartments was from where they are now.

Harvey regrets all the things he done but told himself that Lydia knew what was coming for. They had been working side by side with each other for years and no one gets away from Harvey after he is humiliated.

Maybe I had gone too far. He thought but quickly brushed the thought away as he made his way back to his room.

Kicking his suitcase off the bed, he lay down on his bed and start to wonder what he needs to do to fix everything between the two of them.

Scoffing, Harvey sat up on his bed. “Why the hell should I fix things between us?! It was her fault in the first place and why the hell should I care if she leaves! This marriage is over in a couple of months anyway!”

Harvey nod in agreement at his statement before stripping his clothes off. He lay on his bed tossing and restless before exhaustion and sleepiness took over and he drift to sleep.

Lydia woke up, her muscles aching for attention. She silently curses at herself for sleeping in her car around the corner of her mother’s house.

It had been a shock to her to see Harvey come home the night before. She was lying on her bed when she heard the front door opened. Without thinking, she quickly made her way downstairs and saw Harvey walk in.

She felt happy and hopeful that things would be back to normal but seeing the hard look on her face, she knew that things are far of being better. The simple thought of Harvey ignoring her and refusing to acknowledge her had pushed her to run away.

It wasn’t until she turned at the corner of her street that she realise where she was heading. Not wanting to worry her family, she drove to the park around the corner of her old home and decides to sleep in her car for the night.

Taking a mental note, Lydia drove back to the house. Her palm sweats as she took the final turn to their house. After Harvey had changed his schedule, she struggled to keep up with it.

Seeing Harvey’s car still park in their driveway, she could only hope that Harvey was still asleep as she put the handbrake on. She didn’t want to be asked where she’s been or talk to him in that matter.

Lydia unlocks the front door as quiet as she can. She looked around before quickly making her way to her room. She smiled as she saw her bedroom door but she was stupid enough to think that Harvey would not notice her return.

“Where have you been?” Lydia stopped in her track at the sound of Harvey’s voice. “Don’t even try and lie to me that you had been at your mother’s house because I called.”

Taking a deep breath, Lydia turned around and glares at Harvey or tried to, as she found it difficult to glare at Harvey when he’s standing there with nothing but a towel around his waist and water droplets all over his body.

“So you’re talking to me again?” She snapped and hopes that her voice sounds strong as she imagines it would sound.

“I asked you a question Lydia and I expect to get a straight answer.” Harvey’s voice was cold and distant.

At the sounds of Harvey’s voice, all Lydia wanted to do was cower in fear however, she was tired and want nothing but to rest. “Why do you care? Oh wait, you don’t!” She turned around and marched in her room, making sure to slam the door hard.

Lydia listens to Harvey’s footsteps nearing her bedroom door. She held her breath in anticipation but sign in disappointment when he heard him walk away. She bites the lower of her lips and look up the ceiling. She wanted to cry but she had told herself that she would move on.

Lydia sat down on her desk, quickly flipping her laptop on. The laptop hummed to live. She wondered why she had never put any security log in on it then remembers how many minutes would be wasted for her to type her password in.

She scrolls around her email until one particular email caught her eyes.

Lydia read the email and couldn’t contain the smile that form on her face. The news of her getting her dream job had lightened up her mood. She remembers how nervous she felt when they had done the interview through Skype and how much she thought she had screwed up.

A plan for her future had started to form in her mind. For the first time she knows what she really wanted.

Lydia jumps out of her chair and bang loudly and hard at Harvey’s bedroom door, who answered the door with a glare. “What?” He asked through gritted teeth.

Lydia held her head high and with the same tone as he used to her, she demand. “I want you to call your lawyer now. I got some business to discuss with you two in thirty minutes.” She turns around and marched back to her room with her head held high.


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