D' Angelo {Four}

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     When I asked Maria to stay in Boston with us, I really didn't think she would know what to say. 

      Without texting her parents she answered yes . She, then, texted her mom and she answered back, so excited that her daughter was staying at my place. 

     "But I don't have any other clothes to wear, but these." She says as she points down to the clothes she was wearing. 

"Well, I have a 16 year old sister, who's like 5'6". You can fit in that, right?"

"Probably not. I can just wear your clothes , if you don't mind. I mean I'm only there for a week, not my life."

"Nah, I don't really care. How tall are you?"

"5"2' I think."

"Same, we can both fit, we're good. You have your glove with you. We can play pass if you want to."

"ALWAYS!" She answers, which makes me jump.

We couldn't leave until Dad was ready. We waited about two hours, before we could leave. So Maria and I went onto the field to play pass. Holy crap, Maria's got an arm on her. I'm guessing she plays softball.Which would be great for Dad and I. 

"Do you play softball?" I asked her.

"Yeah, why?"

"You have a really  good arm. Probably better than I'll ever have."

"Thanks, but I doubt that."

"Okay whatever you think. Can you throw from home to second?"

"Yep, easy."

"Okay, let's see it."

"Ugh! Whatever!"

     I jogged to second as Maria jogged to home plate. She made that throw look easy as pie. I caught it in the palm. I pull my glove off and shake my hand to show her that it hurt.

"Hey hotshot. Can you do it from your knees.?"

She didn't answer and goes down onto her knees. She threw the ball and it made it to me with one hop. The part that surprised me the most was that this is a baseball field, so the bases are farther apart. Also, she isn't even a catcher, she plays third base and apparently she's like really good at it. We got interrupted by Dad screaming to us...



How often do you play sports?

24/7- Really though 4-5 times a week.


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