Bad Decisions

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               The snowflakes fell on the white building full of sleepy students filled with thoughts of finishing up their rather long Friday and going home. All of the students, except for one class of juniors. Mrs. Painer's class was enthralled by the presentation in front of them and the presenter's peculiarly enthralling voice.

              There wasn't a soul that was not glued to the edge of their seats as the raven-haired girl  spoke. Everyone, that is, except for Historia Arcane. The blonde dozed off in her seat, uninterested in her classmate's fascinating report on lethal animals that lived in their small, forlorn town of Hanover, Pennsylvania.

       Cassandra Vablaski was the presenter's name. She was the school's biggest mystery. Dozens of rumors circulated the teenager, however she was seemingly oblivious to all of them, and if she was aware, she did not care.
        Half the school swore they saw someone, or rather, something wearing her clothes and speaking just as she did. Someone conferring with a man that she called Jackson. Someone that had a black, bleeding eye and a blood red one, and someone who went by Mad M. A girl that had bandages up and down her arms and hideous burn scars hidden beneath them.
     Someone that was awfully like the already girl responsible for the Moonlight cases years prior.  Someone that should be in prison, a murderer that's name brought fear to the lips of all who addressed her. A girl named Madelyn Worth.

        Some people said Cassandra is a psychopath. Others claimed she was a murderer. A few went as far as to call her a demon. Historia, however, just thought she was unique.

       Historia boredly gazed around the classroom. Her dull gray eyes swept over Gabrielle Elms, a gorgeous girl that Historia had grown to fear for her clever and cruel pranks. She spotted Matteus Thomas staring at her in the creepy and frightening way that he always did, his unnerving brown eyes seemingly boring into her soul. She saw Mina and Micheal Alacras, a pair of uptight redhead twins that enjoyed pretending Historia did not exist.

        She looked around and she saw nearly two dozen students surrounding her in the cramped little classroom, and she was either petrified or ignored by of all of them but one. The presenter, who always seemed to be floating near Historia and keeping her classmates' taunts focused on other students, something that didn't seem like much, but that she greatly appreciated.

       Historia thought of Cassandra as a sort of guardian angel, and although they never spoke to each other, it was impossible to miss the Cassandra's kind smiles and the way she never failed to draw her tormentor's attention away from Historia and her terrible stutter, and onto herself.

      As Cassandra, or Cassie, as she preferred to be called, finished her presentation, Historia felt a tapping on her shoulder.

         "Hey, Stutters. Come to my house at seven tonight. I'm having a study session and you'd better come, or else you'll never have any friends at this pathetic little school," threatened Ash, the resident queen bee of Hanover Area High School.

         Historia wanted to say no. She didn't much like being bullied into things. However she couldn't deny the offer. What if she actually, finally got a friend? "I-I'll be th-there. Anything I n-need to b-b-bring?" The naive girl questioned. She really had no clue what she was getting into. If she did, perhaps the outcome may have been different.

         "Just your notes," replied Ash cheerily.

            Later that day, Historia slung her purse over her shoulder and left her house. She knew where Ash lived, as it was only three houses down from her own. She strolled down the sidewalk to see several people had already arrived.

             She strode up the steps and rang the doorbell, watching curiously as she caught a glimpse of someone's bright green eye peeking through the blinds. Someone opened the door and she stepped inside to be instantly coated in something chunky and slimy. She raised her fingers to see them coated in garbage and an odd goop that was a repulsive shade of murky greenish brown. "Look at her! Stupid Stinky Stutters in her natural habitat," jeered one girl. "I bet she's enjoying this deep down! Look how pathetic she's acting. Stupid Stutters the Slime ball," another insulted between giggles.

            She bent over and vomited on the carpet to the sounds of giggles, groans, and cellphone cameras clicking. Just as she thought it couldn't get any worse, she noticed that some of the girls were uploading her humiliation online already. Just as she was certain she was dead, she was rescued by something, or rather someone, unforeseen.

        She saw a flash of black hair and something red and the whole house went dark, including the phone screens and cameras that had been recording her. A pair of cold, soft hands dragged her out of the house and into the woods before anyone noticed a thing.

         Cassandra turned Historia to face her once the trees obscured them from the view of anyone that might've been watching from the street. "Are you okay, Historia? That was some nasty stuff they just pulled on you. You're all covered in sewage and trash. Come with me and I'll get you cleaned up," fussed Cassandra.

         Then Historia made her second awful decision that day. She followed Cassandra Vablaski deeper into those woods.

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