Chapter 20: Noah Is Captured

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This beautiful cover 😍❤️

This beautiful cover 😍❤️

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Thalia's POV

"I'm going to untie you now, but you better not run." Johnny says. "Okay, okay. I promise." I say rolling my eyes.

He sighs, when he was done I got up and stretched. "Oh my gosh! I totally forgot what standing up feels like!" I say almost falling.

"Yeah, well don't get used to it. Tomorrow you're going right back to being in that chair." He rolls his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah. So why did you untie me in the first place?" I ask. He clears his throat. "So there is not much to do around here-" he starts.

"You didn't answer the question, Johnny boy. Oh my gosh, you are totally in love with me. Look, I know that I'm really hot...SUPER HO-"

"I get it." He says. "I know that I'm really hot but I can't stay in this nasty place for the rest of my life." I say.

"I don't love you, Thalia." He says. "That's what they all say." I sigh. "No, that's what I say." He says. I roll my eyes smiling.

"Weirdo." He says shaking his head. "Awww thanks!" I say smiling. "No problem."

"So I'm already bored. Hey, Johnny...I have a question." I say. "And I have an answer, hopefully they'll match."

"What happened? Why did you kidnap me?" I question. "We-" He starts but he door opens. "Johnny, what the hell? Why is she up?" His dad asks. Johnny clears his throat.

"I decided I'd let her walk around for a little she doesn't die of being bored..?" He says, more of a question. "That's not a thing, Johnny."

"Well he made it a thing!" I say crossing my arms. "You don't have a say in this, little Thalia." He says. "The fuck?! How do you people know who I am?! How long have you been in love with me, Johnny boy!?" I ask surprised.

"For the last time, I am not in love with you!" He yells glaring at me. "That's what he said..." I smirk. "Dude, before I go back to that chair I really need to watch all of the (This was written before all the Logan Paul stuff happened) Logan Paul videos I've missed! What drama is he into now!?" I ask.

"All of this isn't important right now!" Johnny's dad says. "Bitch, Logan Paul is always my top fucking priority! I even skipped McDonald's for him." I say.

"They are coming!" He yells. "Oh my gosh! The British is coming!? Oh my god, Johnny your dad is Paul Revere?!" I yell, they ignore me.

"Noah is here." He says. "Noah's here?" I Ask is disbelief. "What do you mean Noah's here?" Johnny asks. "I mean he's in this building. We captured him, so that means their gang must be coming."

Noah's POV

As I continued to run through the forest I tripped over a log and hit my head. "Well, that hurt." I mumble to myself. I think I might be going crazy. The next thing I knew, everything went black.

I wake up with my head throbbing. I open my eyes to see black. "Noah? You're up?" I hear someone ask. "Did I die? Is this the end...?" I ask the voice. "I wish." They say.

A light comes on and my eyes shut. "Hello Noah, it's great to see you again." My eyes open to see Johnny. "Johnny?" I ask surprised.

"The one and only. Well not to you." He says glaring at me. "Let me go. Where's Thalia?" I ask. "That's none of your business, Noah."

"It is fully my business." I say. "Look Noah, you leave Thalia alone." Johnny says. "Leave her alone? You're the one that kidnapped her!"

"Look, Noah...I'll let you leave here but you have to forget about Thalia and leave her alone. If you don't, I'll keep you here and I'll bring down your gang. It's as simple as that...." he smirks.

I don't know what I should do. If I leave Thalia maybe I can come back with better protection and with the gang...and I won't be tied up. But I don't want to leave Thalia.

I don't know what could have happened to Thalia by now...


To Be Continued...

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