I looked at my ceiling, getting absolutely nothing done. My phone vibrated; it was telling me I had a text message. But I made no move to answer it. I made no move to do anything. My hair cascaded in a wave around me and my face turned toward the open window. The moon's luminescence casting a shadow over one side of my face. A stray breeze blew lightly over my face, moving the curtain with it. My phone vibrated again. I knew I should stop being so ridiculous but I couldn't make myself move to even pick up the phone, let alone answer the message. I sighed as I argued with myself. Finally I darted up and snatched my phone from the nightstand before I could change my decision. It vibrated again in my hand. Three text messages from Ryan. Oh my God. I let out a huff and slid open my phone.

Hey, Harley. I miss you. Please stop avoiding me.

Can you at least answer my text?

What did I even do?

Two very good questions. Could I answer his texts? Yeah, of course I could... That didn't mean I would. Second question, what did he do wrong? Nothing, he had done nothing wrong. I was just being a bitch and I knew it. I had put my skateboard in the back of my closet where I normally didn't bother with anything. I took up ballet again. Amanda and Felicia were my friends again. I was everything girly but it didn't feel the same now. Because I had done exactly what I said I would never do. I fell in love with the skater boy. I put earphones in my iPod and turned up the volume. I hit shuffle.

Unfaithful by Rihanna. I hit the skip button.

Love Story by Taylor Swift. I growled in frustration. I clicked the skip button again.

You want to know what song came on? Do you?

Freaking Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne.

"God damn it!" I said and tossed my iPod to the side. Just then I heard a noise. It repeated. It sounded like- there it was again. A maybe, a pebble? I glared at my window. I walked over and glared down. Ryan. He was standing on the ground and holding a freaking wagon full of pebbles. My phone vibrated. I picked it up and looked.

I see you, :)

I roll my eyes and just text back,

You'll run out of pebbles eventually.

I wouldn't need pebbles if you'd answer me. :P I clucked my tongue.

Touche, :(

I didn't understand what he didn't get about I don't want to talk to you. It was kind of obvious, really. I didn't think I was making the message unclear. If I don't answer the text, I don't want to talk to you, obviously. What didn't he get about that? I sighed. I turned my phone off completely and stuck my tongue out at him before trying to get back to sleep. He rolled his eyes at me. Then I heard it again. Clink. Another pebble. The sound happened again and again. I rolled over and flipped the middle finger so I knew he could see it. I closed my window and walked down the steps in my pajamas. I was wearing a white nightgown. I walked out the back door and onto the terrace where he had been. When he saw me he allowed himself a smirk of accomplishment and I glared at him. "I was trying to sleep." I complain.

"You can spare a little time." he says nonchalantly. I just continue to glower at him.

"Okay, well you got me out here. What do you want?" I say, annoyance leaking into my voice.

"You know what, Har." he says.

"Harley, Ryan." I say.

"Okay, Harley, you know what I want." he says, exasperated.