With Your Help

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It's Kayleigh and I am going to be reviewing With Your Help by @damnlucaya

First of all, for your overall rating, I would give you a five out of ten. My reason for that is because there are some errors that certainly need to get changed.

Your covers are wonderful but the text is a bit too big and it gets cut off slightly. So just go in and make The text smaller.

The next thing would be your grammar. There are some grammar issues that need to get fixed. I would use Grammarly because it's free and works wonders.

As for your plot, I think it's really good. However, Sabrina's relationship with her family is very out of character. You almost make it seem like they care more about the money she's bringing in than they actually care about her, which is most certainly not the case. I would just go in and make them more loving and compassionate like they actually are.

I hope this helped!

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