Chapter Twenty Six

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"Hi Mrs Higgins," I smiled, giving her a quick hug.

"Katie, you know better than to call me that," Cassandra's mum scolded, shaking her head at me and leading me into the house, "How's your father by the way, I heard he was put into hospital a few days ago,"

I nodded, "Uh yeah... he was," I shoved my hands into my back pockets, "but he'll be good. I know he will,"

"Of course," she smiled, before calling for Cassandra.

"Oh no, I'm not staying for long, I just wanted to check in. It's been a while,"

"Nonsense Katie, you can stay for a bit, there's no harm in that," she said, watching as Cassandra walked down the stairs, running towards me and giving me a long hug.

That was probably the most love and affection I had felt in the past week. Ever since Harry and I's date was cut short and my dad was put into hospital, we haven't spoken. Yeah, we spoke on the phone, but he didn't ask about my dad. Not once. But I'm happy for him. I am. He doesn't need my family health issues intruding on his big movie deal.

"I was just about to fix up a salad, come with?" Cassandra asked before I nodded and followed her into the kitchen, closing the door behind me.

"How you been?" I asked, leaning against the counter, watching as she got her secret snack box out from the cupboard. It was marked as 'peanuts' since her mum was allergic and wouldn't dare touch it, "that's not salad,"

She threw a maltesers packet at me, "Whatever, we both know I don't eat salads," she took a bite of her snickers bar, "the real question is, how have you been?"

I swallowed, "I've been better. But I'm hanging in there,"

"Lets talk more on the roof," she smiled, before grabbing my hand and leading me towards the stairs, my heart dropping a bit when she mentioned the roof.

As soon as we got there neither of us said anything. It was almost as if she'd realised what was wrong with where we were and what actually happened on said roof. I avoided her gaze and stared at the ground below us. Her house was tall. And a fall from her roof was bound to kill you.

"It's amazing how insensitive that was of you and it took you that long to realise it," I chuckled, placing my hands behind me and leaning back.

She scoffed, "You should've said something,"

"Nothing needed to be said. We all agreed we would never go onto this roof again," I growled, "I mean, how stupid could you get?"

"I forgot okay!"

"YOU DON'T FORGET SOMEONE FALLING TO THEIR DEATH ON YOUR FUCKING ROOF!" she gaped at me, watching as I sat there and breathed heavily, "I'm sorry,"

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