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"Heh..." Sonic awkwardly sat opposite to one of the richest brats he had ever met, in one of the most prestigious restaurants he had ever been in. Sonic had been invited by the owners son, who was obviously trying to flirt with him, to come to the fanciest restaurant in Station Square and Sonic, not one to let down food, had excepted. The son had said this was a thank you from his father for saving his wife... Yeah right. He just wanted to get the hero in his bed, and treat him like all his other little toys. Sonic being the little innocent hedgie he is, didn't catch on to any of this.

They were sitting at the best table in the restaurant which overlooked the streets down below. They were on the first floor of the building, which was also occupied by half of Station Squares population. The cat, who was more bulky then the stake Sonic was served, was wearing a tuxedo... The problem with that is that Sonic came in only his dirty gloves and shoes. He was staring at him, making Sonic feel very awkward because he was staring as low as the table allowed.

"So Sonic. Tell me more about yourself~" The White cat leant over and grabbed Sonic's hands, firmly gripping them in the middle of the table. Sonic looked around, noticing many people were staring at him. He made a move to pull his hands away but the strong cat wouldn't allow it. "Look, I think I should get going its-!" The cat stood up and reeled Sonic in by the waist, catching the attention of everyone in the room. The whole place was silent. Sonic panicked and started hyperventilating. "Now you're not going to leave without paying. Are you?" The cat turned and glared at everyone watching. He had the world hero in his hold, so they looked away and didn't turn back. The cat smirked and started rubbing their crotches together. "Mmmmm!" Sonic moaned.

"You like that... Don't you little blueberry" Sonic had enough of it. He kneed the guy as hard as he could in the crotch, causing the man groping him to fall down and clutch his jewels in agony. "You'll pay for that bitch!-" Sonic whacked him in the head, causing the man to come to his senses and back off. "Wait until father hears of this!"

He was just about to leave as well when he heard a familiar voice from behind. "Sonic?" Sonic turned around and was met face-to-face with an angry echidna. He was screaming with joy in his mind. He turned back to the cat and waved goodbye. "Oh well heh heh... I gotta go! My boyfriends come to collect me!" The cat gasped as Sonic quite forcefully grabbed Knuckles around the neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss. When they stopped Sonic pulled Knuckles out of the building, and onto the streets.

He hugged Knuckles "Thanks Knux I-!" "What was he doing with you?" Sonic looked up to Knuckles' furious face and giggled. "Oh I didn't think you were the jealous type. But seriously Knux I wouldn't ever actually consider being friends with anyone like that! Let alone roll around in bed with them!" Knuckles blushed as Sonic pecked his cheek. He guessed he was kind of stupid for thinking Sonic would stoop that low. Sonic smiled "How's about some chilli dogs!" He let Sonic drag him to the vendor. Whilst waiting in the queue Knuckles looked at Sonic. 'He looks quite disturbed' Knuckles grabbed Sonic's waist and hugged him. "Are you sure you're okay? You look quite disturbed." Sonic sighed.

"No not really... I mean... What if something like that happened again? If he wasn't so posh and stuck up he might of actually done stuff to me-" "Don't even talk about that Sonic. I don't know why you've been acting like a girl but it's really getting on my nerves. You've defeated a demon for Chaos sake! How could you become so weak just because something becomes sexual!" Sonic bit his lip. "Sonic are you okay?" Sonic dug his head deep into Knuckles' chest. 'Is he crying?' The chillidogs were forgotten.

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