Love ALWAYS has Complications

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Sabian's POV

I heard quiet breathing after I morphed. I froze, silently cursing myself for being exposed of my second half; the half that closely resembled a tiger. I slowly turned around, surprised to find Allisada Deecimtion, the school outcast, standing among the foliage of the forest, camera dangling from her neck. Then it hit me, my fate would ultimately be decided by this girl. Whether she told everyone or kept my secret to herself. (Hopefully the second option though.)

As I look up into her dark brown eyes, it strikes me how beautiful she is. Not hot or sexy, but just plain beautiful. There's something about her, something special, something different from all the other girls I've seen. And if that isn't odd enough, I actually feel the need to be near her and to get to know her better. I barely contain myself from getting closer to her and breathing in her wonderful scent of cherry blossoms. But I know that that would scare her away. I take a deep breath, I am reminded of my mother; she used to bring freshly picked cherry blossoms, enough so that our home reeked of them. But that was before... the accident.

A wave of extreme depression washes over me. But, as I focus my gaze back on Allisada's eyes, I feel instantly at peace.



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