Am I gay?

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(This is my first ever fanfic so be nice xDD) 

Applejack wakes up with excitement. It's the last day of school which means less responsibilities and less stress. She brushes her hair and teeth and puts on her brown Stetson hat along with an orange plaid flannel and daisy dukes. She packs all of her stuff for school, grabs an apple from the kitchen table and leaves to get on the school bus. As she gets on she notices that Rainbow Dash is sitting at the end of the bus.
"Rainbow? What are you doing on the bus? Don't you have a car?" She said as she walked towards her. Rainbow glanced up at AJ from her phone. "My tyre popped, gotta get my dad to fix it for me" she said as she tapped an empty space next to her for AJ to sit down. AJ sat down next to Rainbow. Rainbow Dash wasn't much of a talker when she had her phone, it was a 20 minute ride to school so AJ sat most of the time in silence until she started staring at Rainbow out of curiosity. AJ started thinking about things she never thought about before. About how much Rainbow changed since elementary school. About how her spikey fringe doesn't cover her eyes like it did when she was little. About how much kinder and serious she became as she matured during the on-going years. About how much more...attractive she has become. AJ widened her eyes at her own thoughts and looked away from Rainbow. "What the hell am I thinking ?!" AJ thought to herself. "This isn't right, she's my friend" AJ whispered to herself not realising she had said out her thoughts, this brought Rainbow's attention. "Huh? Did you say something?" Rainbow spoke as she turned herself to AJ. AJ blushed as she gave her a quick glance and looked away "N-nothing I..N-never mind" AJ stuttered as she looked down. Rainbow shrugged it off and didn't think much of it, they both stand up as the school bus parks next the their school and they make their way out. AJ starts eyeing Rainbow again without realising it. She loved her magenta eyes and her naturally tanned skin, she stared at her toned arms, Rainbow was totally obsessed with sports and she's always training. AJ practically stared at Rainbow all the time as Rainbow did backflips in P.E (gym) she was a show off...but AJ loved it and admired her. AJ started paying attention to her outfit. Rainbow had mid neck length rainbow hair almost touching her shoulders and a fringe swept to the side of her face almost covering one eye (basically Joe Jonas 2008 hair but Rainbow XD) she wore black and white adidas superstar sneakers and blue silky adidas shorts with a white tank top, her blue adidas jacket was wrapped around her waist and she had her black backpack which was pretty beat and dusty as she had it for a long time. AJ looked forward as they were about to enter the school. Their group of friends greeted them. Pinkie, twilight, Rarity and Fluttershy came over for a conversation which wasn't too long as they later all went their separate ways.

Applejack POV:

It's a shame that we aren't all close like we used to be. When I was little my mother told me that as I get older my group of friends will get smaller and people start going their separate ways. I guess she was right, gosh, I miss my parents so much, I wish they were still here. The only close friend I have now is Rainbow Dash. The rest of my friends aren't as close anymore.

Story mode:

Rainbow turns to AJ and looks at her lesson plan. "Hmm, looks like we only have P.E together today, that sucks" Rainbow said as she frowned.  AJ giggled as she found it cute that Rainbow wanted to have more lessons with her. "Welp, I guess I'll see you second lesson then" AJ said as she smiled at Rainbow. The bell rang and it was time to go to class so Rainbow and AJ went to their lessons waving goodbye to each other. AJ had maths first and she sat next to Twilight, they didn't speak much and this lesson dragged. AJ looked at the clock most of the time in hopes that the lesson will end quickly so she could see Rainbow again. Finally, the bell rang and it was time for P.E . AJ and Rainbow both met by the school gymnasium and made their way to the school bathroom to get changed. AJ didn't like getting changed in the school changing room because most of the girls in their gym group were lesbian and they would always grope her so she started getting changed in the school toilets and she managed to convince Rainbow to come with her so she could give her company. Rainbow started to undress revealing her sports bra and tanned, toned body which made AJ tense and gave her a tingly sensation in her stomach, she had seen Rainbow half naked many times before and she never felt this way. AJ paused what she was doing and admired her body. AJ once again snapped out of it and carried on undressing facing Rainbow backwards. Rainbow took a quick glimpse of  AJ's curvy body, she smirked at the view. Rainbow hasn't come out to anyone about her sexuality and no one knew that she had a crush on AJ since kindergarten.

Rainbow Dash POV:

I've had a crush on a AJ for a long time yet I just can't bring myself to tell her, I'm pretty sure she's straight and if I tell her that I'm gay and that I love her she'll turn away from me and this will ruin my friendship with the only close friend I have. We got changed into our gym clothes and played basketball in the gymnasium. After about 23 minutes into the game AJ was so wet from all the sweat that dropped from her forehead it kinda looked like she stood in the rain, most girl in the gymnasium looked like pigs when they sweat but AJ could somehow pull it off and look sexy. I couldn't get myself to stop staring at her during P.E

(I'll end this chapter here for now, I'll right the next chapter tomorrow, the next chapter will be more interesting and...steamyyyy, also I know this is shite but it's my first time writing a fanfic xDD)

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