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Pain. Lifting my eyelids apart, I was welcomed to darkness. Took a few blinks to realise that I am blindfolded. A tape covered my mouth, making it hard for me to breathe. I could hear the sound of my own heartbeat echoing into the silence. The throbbing in the side of my face brought flashbacks into my mind as I remembered what happened before I was drugged to sleep. Panic overtook my shaking body and settled upon my sensitive skin. I couldn't see but I could feel. I had to feel. I had to listen, smell. Make sure I was still intact. Wiggling my arms I realised that my hands were cuffed above my head to something on the hard cold wall behind my back. I was sat in an awkward position on the floor, my arms ached from however long they'd been cuffed upwards. I moved finger by finger, it felt sluggish but it was normal, fingers and toes were intact. Between my thighs didn't feel any different so hopefully I haven't been touched. I could still feel my shirt and panties on, informing me that they hadn't been removed. So far I seemed to be unharmed apart from the small cut on my throat and the slap to the face I took. Now that my inspection had a positive result I had to listen. Tuning in my ears I tried to listen to any out of ordinary sound, heard nothing but silence. The silence unsettled me. The cold rough floor beneath me was starting to get really uncomfortable as I became more and more conscious and aware of my situation. It smelt like dust. Like it was somewhere that had a lot of dust. I felt sick. I had no idea where I was or why I was here and it wasn't sinking in well.

'You're awake, pet.' The deep rough voice of my captor broke into the silence, the silence I so wanted back. I didn't realise he was here, I thought I was alone. I mumbled something into the tape, something that I didn't know what it was either.

'What's that? I can't hear you' he mocked. I hoped to camouflage into the wall behind me as I heard his footsteps come closer to me. With every step he took, I pulled and yanked at the cuffs that held my arms prisoner. I had struggled so hard by the time he was a step away from me that I could feel the cuts forming around my wrists. I felt him crouch down in front of me, I shook my head from side to side, not sure why or what I was implying by my movement but I did it anyway. My movements stopped and my body froze when I felt his finger beneath my chin, tracing down my neck to my collar bone. I stopped breathing when he grabbed at my shirt and ripped it open. Screaming 'no' into the tape wasn't doing much help so I decided to stop and breathe. Inhale, exhale. I needed to calm down, now was not the time to panic. I had to be alert, I had to think clearly.  He traced his finger around my breasts then stopped and pulled at my nipple. Fighting the river in my eyes, I held back the tears that threatened to spill. A loud sound greeted me as he slapped under my left breast. I flinched at the stinging sensation. Another hit to my right breast and that's all it took for my tears to climb out and dampen the cloth covering my eyesight. Suddenly his touch disappeared and the warmth of his presence evaporated. I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding and let my heart sink back into normal beating. I heard his footsteps fade into the silence and vanish from my ears, a lock on the door ended any doubt that he may still be in here. I sank further into the floor, twisting my arms in hopes to get free from this uncomfortable position I was in. With little to no result, I gave up and drowned in the million thoughts running through my head.

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