Chapter 3: New Girl

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Log #676: Kingdoms

Chorus has extinguished hundreds of kingdoms, countries, and city-states, but only four major kingdoms have withstood the test of time: Ismira, Devarden, Dominic, and Viscor. This has been made possible for three main reasons: unity, mutual trust, and the Barricade. Without all three of those elements working harmoniously, the system of alliances between the kingdoms would undoubtedly collapse within months, if not weeks. Ismira is the head of humanity, ruled by Queen Arya. Devarden is the least formal of the kingdoms, and is famous for training the greatest Slayers alive. Dominic, a kingdom whose age has surpassed even that of Ismira, provides the four kingdoms with excellent guardians and police force. Viscor, by far the newest kingdom, is a flower that has yet to bloom.

-General Elvira Ramos

0090 BPE

The next few weeks passed like a blur: classes were assigned, friends were made, acquaintances were, well, reacquainted, and Sentinal Academy's new school year was under way. During that time, I met my two older friends, Tyler Hawkins and Alex Sparrow, a.k.a. the Twin Beaks. They were granted the title a while back, eventually that nickname became the name of their band, and it kind of stuck with them for the last five years. The two troublemakers met me when, four years ago, they managed to dump an entire heap of hay on my head in an open baseball field. To this day I know not where the hay came from.

Things settled down fairly quickly, and within two months everything was normal, without anything crazy to shatter the peace.

Although I did meet her in those two months.

One day, about a month after school had started, as I was exiting my History class and heading for Shade Biology, I heard a girl's cry. Without a second thought, I turned the corner of the building into an alley, where a girl with blond hair was backed into a corner, surrounded by three Silverwolves. Her face was composed, and in her hands she wielded a white baton, about the length of her arm. On the ground between them, two Silverwolves lied completely still. It didn't take much else to figure out what had transpired.

Without warning, the two Silverwolves on the sides pounced forward, fangs yearning to tear apart anything in reach. With stunning speed, she ducked under both assailants, and landed a swift blow to each wolves' bellies, knocking them to the wall she had been pinned against moments before. Before I could process what had happened, she leaped at the final Silverwolf, catapulting it into the air. It fell hard, making perfect contact with the other two in a heap of glistening fur.

Barely breaking a sweat, the girl twirled the baton around a few times, and fastened it back into her belt. I shut my awestruck mouth and walked over to the girl, who had just now begun to notice me.

"Hey, uh, are you okay? Not just anyone can walk away from an ambush such as, well, that, like you just did," I commented, unsure of who exactly this girl was.

"Yeah, I'm perfectly fine, thank you," she replied politely with a little smile.

It was obviously fake.

The girl appeared to be around 17 or so, her blond hair flowing beautifully down her shoulders. She gazed intelligently at me with crystal-blue eyes, and a face of angelic purity. The purple shirt under her silver chestplate hinted at modesty, while simultaneously creating a stunningly entrancing figure in combination with her crystal eyes. Her shoulders and knees also carried silver plating, but it appeared light enough to maximize mobility as opposed to prioritizing protection. Below her shirt, a similar purple skirt covered her legs all the way down to her knees. Her chest plate was adorned with small gems of myriad colors outlining the piece, as well as a fist-sized gem in the center. It appeared to be a ruby of sorts, sparking mystically in the sunlight. Her smile was brilliant; it seemed to have to power to light up the entire alley with one flicker.

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