Chapter 3: The Brother

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Standing in my room with clothes thrown all over the place, I made what resembled a wild animal noise out of frustration. Darian neglected to tell me we would be going out to dinner with his brother at some bar a couple blocks away. Although a bar is nothing fancy, I still feel like I should dress nicely despite the fact almost all my clothes are sweatpants and hoodies.

After a few more minutes of stomping around my room, I decided to settle for my black leggings, a solid white top, my leather jacket, and my lace up boots.

Looking in the mirror I smiled, now I look presentable. An hour ago I looked like a blob fish.

Turning to open my door, I was cut off by the sound of my phone ringing, facing my messy room once more, I located it on my desk, "Hello?"

"Hey, babe, it's Noah," my boyfriend said over the phone, "I'm sorry I hadn't talked to you for the past couple of days, I've been kind of busy."

Rolling my eyes, even though he could not see it, I replied, "That's fine, but can I call you back? Darian and I made plans tonight and we are about to go out."

"Are you serious?" Noah growled into the phone, "You haven't talked to me in days and you're blowing me off for some fag?"

He. Did. Not.

I stopped in my tracks, "Excuse me, what did you just say?"

Noah remained silent on the other line. Fine, he won't talk, than I will, "I will not apologize for making plans with my roommate. Nor will I tolerate you calling him such an obscene name."

"Babe I'm so-"

"No," I hissed into my phone, "You were the one who has not been talking to me for the past week, you have been the one ignoring my texts and going to party after party, getting drunk off their ass. Do not pin our lack of communication on me. And do not ever call Darian that again or else we will have a lot more issues than lack of communication."

After a moment of silence, my boyfriend said, "I'm sorry for what I said, that was out of line. Let me know when you get home and we can Skype, alright?"

"Alright," I answered tightly, hanging up my phone.

Wanting to take my mind off of my fight with Noah, I took another look in the mirror that was hung on the back of my door. My makeup was light and my hair was down in soft waves. Nodding my head in approval once again, I went to the living room where Darian was seated.

Looking up from the television screen, Darian smiled, "Why, don't you look pretty?"

"You're such an egg," I responded, "But thank you, are you ready to go?"

My roommate nodded. He wasn't dressed casual, but he wasn't dressed particularly fancy. Wearing a navy blue dress shirt and some dark washed jeans, he looked comfy but nice.

We walked in a comfortable silence to the bar, side by side. Occasionally, I'd ask a question about Toronto, like where was the best cheese burger I could get or where was the best shopping mall, and Darian would answer kindly — he's lived here all his life so he was familiar with the city.

When we reached the bar, Darian's phone chimed the same ringtone as earlier today. He looked down, and said, "It Justin, my ex, I'm going to take this. Just get a drink at the bar and I'll be there in a few moments."

"Alrighty," I sing songed, walking into the dimly lit pub.

I stalked to the bar, and sat on a green leather stool. Looking at the bar tender, whose back was turned to me I said, "I'll have a Corona, please."

"Coming right up," the man responded. He grabbed a bottle, opened it and sat down in front of me, atop a little white napkin. When he saw who he was serving he looked me up and down and smirked, "Anything else, I can do for you?"

I stared at the bartender and shook my head no, he was wearing a solid black T-shirt and dark jeans. His hair was a light, sandy coloured brown, and his eyes were a warm hazel. I will admit, he was attractive, but being hit on at a bar wasn't something I particularly liked — especially because I have Noah. Even if we were fighting, I wouldn't betray him by flirting with some bartender.

I sat there for a few minutes, waiting for Darian to finish up his phone call. I sincerely hope everything was going okay, but I didn't want to go out and intrude. Taking a large sip of my beer, I continued to wait.

That's when the bartender caught my eye, again. He was leaning against the counter that had all the drinks displayed, arms crossed, staring directly at me.

"Can I help you?" I snapped, arching a brow. I really was not in the mood to be stared at like some animal in a zoo.

The man in front of me gave me a lopsided smirk, "Feisty. I like that."

I rolled my eyes, sipped my drink and narrowed my eyes at the bartender, "Shouldn't you be doing your job?"

"There's other things I could be doing," he responded with a wink. He started pouring another drink for a different costumer, "Got a name?"


The man gave me a wicked grin, "I'm Nathan."

"Lovely," I replied dryly.

The door to the pub opened, and Darian walked in looking fairly disgruntled.

"Is everything okay?" I asked my roommate, no doubt looking concerned.

He nodded his head slowly, "Uh, yeah. I think so."

"Think so?" I questioned, pushing my drink over to him so he can have a sip.

Darian quickly grabbed it and chugged the remaining contents, "Sorry," he said looking at the now empty beer bottle, "Anyways, Justin called and he was very emotional."


"Us," Darian responded, "He wants to get back together. He believes we made a mistake breaking up so abruptly."

I pushed my hair behind my ear, and leaned closer to my roommate, "What did you say?"

"I said I'd think about it but I don't want to be rash, so we agreed to meet up for lunch sometime next week," he sighed. After a few deep breaths, he looks up, staring to the right of me.

I turned to see Nathan, still standing there, eyes darting between Darian and I, "Another drink, Darian?" He tilted his head like a puppy dog, "What about you Audrey?"

I looked at Darian with a shocked expression, "Do you know him?"

Darian shifted on his stool and licked his lips, "Well, it looks like you've met my brother, Nathan."

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