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The alarm started to go off.

I shut it off and grogilly got out of bed heading over to the closet to pull an outfit out and then head into the bathroom to and get ready for the day after showering.

After I got out, I dried myself all off and started to get dressed into a pair of skinny jeans, a turquoise v neck short sleeve and then put a cute turqoise hooded jacket that had built in denim in it as well.

I fixed up my hair while putting some matching ribbons that went with my outfit and sighed.

I actually felt pretty good about myself today. I don't feel disgusted with myself any longer.

Sinon was apart of me, and she also started to grow more on me helping me become a stronger me.

I finished getting ready by putting on a pair of cute boots Rika and Keiko got me as a gift and also found a matching green scarf.

I headed over to my fridge and pulled out a chilled vanilla Starbucks frappe and had a breakfast sandwich I could easily heat up.

I finished my breakfast and drank my cold coffee and then cleaned my mess up and started to head out the door to get some groceries which weren't far away from where I live.

I closed my door and made sure to lock it. I was about to head down the stairs until I looked at an apartment Akari used to be in...

Memories of the ALO incident started to rush back of when I had to finish off Akari. I hated it...

Akari was a friend to me..even though she wasn't truly that way...all the memories I've had of her with me and my friends..

It was all..a lie.

Luckily the whole 'death game' was all a bluff the Laughing Coffin setup.

Shouichi, Kyuoji and Akari all got locked up for good in some asylum. Good riddance. I didn't want anything to do with them.


I quickly put my Augma onto my left ear and saw Yui in her fairy avatar.

She plopped herself onto my hands and I smiled softly down at her.

"Mama, you okay?" Yui questioned with slight worry on her face. 

"Yeah..I'm alright.." I say simply.

Yui gave me a questioning look and shook her head.

"I know that's not true. I can tell something is bothering you, mama."

Yui was stubborn like her papa. And very smart.

"Well..just what happened with Akari and the Shinkawa brothers..Akari all this time thought I was a murderer like everyone in my past...and why your Daddy is acting the way he is." I explained. 

Yui sighed and looked in my eyes before she spoke. "I'm sorry, mama. And as for daddy, Im sure there's some good reason..maybe because it reminds him of SAO?" Yui asks.

"Ya know Yui, you might be right. He does seemed to be bothered by the Augma..we'll have to confront him later on." I say and she nods in agreement.

"What are you two talking about?" A familiar voice asks that makes me jump a little.

"Nothing. Just wondering where you were." I lied.

Kazuto looked at me and Yui curiously, but then shrugs.

"Well, you guys wanna head to the mall?" He suggests.

"Perfect idea!" I fake a smile.


We spent mostly just shopping around, and then Kazuto dropped me off since he had to take Suguha to get Kendo classes.

I decided to eat some quick noodles, then lay myself down on the bed with my AmuSphere and log into ALO.

I spawned right into mine, Kiritos and Yuis home.

"Mama!" Yui greeted me by wrapping her small arms around my waist and I return the gesture.

Kirito, Liz, Klein, Agil, Leafa and Silica all spawned right into our home as well.

I made some sandwiches and tea for everyone and we all sat in the living room.

"So what do you guys think of the augma?" Agil questioned.

Kirito rubbed the back of his head looking away, but everyone else looked excited I noticed.

"It's freakin awesome!!! Especially seeing Yuna in concert! Who all got tickets?" Klein asked.

"I did." I commented. Leafa and Silica both rushed over wrapping their arms around me surprisingly.

"Easy, guys."

"You're so lucky, Sinonon." Leafa murmured. Silica nodded in agreement.

"I got a ticket too." Agil commented which made Klein glare, then pout.

"Man...you guys are freakin lucky." Klein whined.

Kirito shook his head at Klein, then sighed.

I tilted my head slightly at him wondering if he was alright. I hated seeing him concerned or upset about something. I wanted him to tell me no matter what.

I got up from my seat as the others were still talking and walked over to Kirito.

He looked at me curiously.

"Kirito..can we go talk?" I ask him quietly.

"Sure." He got up quietly with me and we headed out the front door.

I need to get some answers out of him. No more waiting around.

A/N:Gonna end this chapter here. Sorry guys! Been so busy with trying to get used to my new job. Shall post another chapter soon!!


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