"Is was when they turned a three months tour into a six month tour I realised my mistake. I was in my dressing room and I'd never felt so lonely before so I looked for something to keep me entertained. The time was five past twelve. The time my plane would have landed. I was three months late.

"I was booked solid for the next two years with tours, signings, albums, interviews, recordings. It was enough to keep my mind of it during those hours but when I wasn't in public or on stage I never felt so lost or alone. Even when I met Dustin and Paige nothing managed to fill the void I had within me.

"No one understood. It was three years ago when I came back." This spiked my interest, he came back to town and didn't even see me? "I was doing a gig near by so I thought coming back would help me. I visited my family and I felt better but then I saw you walking out of a coffee shop smiling.

"It was then that I didn't feel so alone, cheesey I know but it's true. I realised a long time ago that I loved you but it was then I knew that I couldn't live without you. Whatever happened in my life I wanted you standing by myside through bad and good. I regret not turning up when I said I would and I hated myself for years. Then I finally built up enough courage to come back and see you but you already moved on. You were happy and with another guy."

"Blaine." I whispered. Now it made sense. That would have been the time when I was dating Blaine.

"Yeah. I didn't want to ruin anything....again. I knew me coming back wouldn't be good for you. I hurt you too many times and seeing you happy was enough for me. So I left, again."

And then went into that depression stage that Dustin was talking about.

"You didn't even call Zac." I whispered.

"I know, I'm sorry." He'd been saying sorry alot tonight.

"You could have warned me, I would have understood. I know how much music means to you. All I needed was some communication."

"I know, I know. I'm sorry. I can't do anything but apologise and hope for your forgiveness. I'll make it up to you somehow!"

"Zac." I sighed. "It's not going happen over night. I need time."

"Take all the time in world, I'll be here. Sophie?"


"Do you think we could get back to how we used to be? Before I left?" I didn't answer, I couldn't. I didn't know the answer.

"I don't know." I whispered finally. I hope so, I added in my head. "But Paige-" I suddenly remembered that he's engaged! Bad Sophie!

"We've spoken. Don't worry about her, she's fine. We broke off the engagement." I doubt that, I'll have to talk to her tomorrow.

"It wasn't because of me though right?" I panicked. He shook his head but his eyes told me differently. He still had feelings for me, I knew that much but I didn't want it to come down to this. Paige, she was a nice girl.

"We both saw it coming from a long shot. What about that guy? Blaine?" He asked in a more strained voice. "What happened with him?"

"Ah, Blaine." I said awkwardly. "Mmmm, well, I meet him a year after you left, was with him for two years and then I ended it." I shrugged.

"That's it?" He asked not believing me.

"He asked me to marry him." I said looking at my hands. "I said I wasn't ready. He started drinking, sleeping with other women so I ended it but he still kept coming back and actually became stalker-ish and he began to scare Abby and Wilson. He would even annoy Tina, Kerri and Kat by asking questions about me.

"We got a restraining order on him. Looks like it expired." I sighed. "Just what I need." I muttered sarcastically.

"He never hurt Abby or Wilson though right?" I smiled at his protectiveness of them. Seeing this side of him, I wanted him to be as much apart of their lives as I and every one else.

"He got close once." I admitted. "But Andy had his ass." I shrugged.

"If he steps a foot near you or them again it won't be Andy who kicks his ass." I laughed again. "I miss you." He said randomly and I looked down at my hands again. "I miss your smile, your laugh."

"It's late." I whispered biting my lip. So much for working for my forgiveness, one night alone with him and I was falling for him again. Not that I'm going to tell him that. I still need time.

"Yeah, of course. I need to recharge, I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be eventfull, besides, I have a daughter to win over." He said standing up from the bed.

"Good luck with that, I'll be sure to record it for future reference." I smiled and he rolled his eyes while grinning. "She'll be fine in a day or two tops." I said reassuringly seeing that he needed it.

"I know, I've seen the tapes, read the letters, seen the photos, I just hope it's enough."

"It's better late then never."

"I guess." He sighed. "Did you really consider adoption?" He paused in the doorway.

"Yes. I was alone and scared and I thought our baby deserved a better life, with people can who give them everything they needed. I couldn't do it though. Not after Abby was born as well and seeing them both sleeping in my arms. I couldn't go through with it. Alone or not I was going to raise them."

"I glad you chose to do that. You make a wonderful mum, you did a good job with our kids. Good night Sophie."

"Good night Zac." I whispered, lying back down in my covers as he shut the door behind him lightly.

That night, I fell asleep with a small smile on my face. My night hadn't exactly gone as planned, Wilson running away, the heart to heart with Zac. Still, at least the air between us was cleared and now our attention can be on our kids.

Ours kids. That sounded weird and I'm used to doing everything myself, I've suited my life perfectly to fit in everything, their school plays, music lessons etc.

Everything was going smoothly right now but throw Blaine into the mixture and it's bound to go head ups.

This is really isn't my week.


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