Neverland - HookedQueen

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Regina pov.

I sighed as I sat down on a log in the camp. We're in Neverland trying to save Henry from Pan. Emma, Snow and David are looking for some wood for the campfire. I ran my hand through my hair. Captain Guyliner kept on looking at me and it annoyed me a bit.

"Can you stop looking at me, pirate?"
"I'm sorry, majesty." He laughed and stood up. He disappeard into the woods.

How the hell are we going to save Henry? And why does Pan need him? Why is everybody doing something useless? Isn't it important to find Henry? I heard the bushes behind me moving and I quickly turned around. There was nothing except some stupid trees and branches that fell on the path. I shrugged it of and looked at the camp. How can it take so long to find my son in the woods? I made a fire with my magic. Magic always is the best solution, if I had used my magic Henry would be back in my arms a long time ago.

"Regina, watch out!!!" I jumped up from the log and dodged an arrow that was coming in my direction. Before I could do something the pirate stood infront of me. "Are you okay?" I nodded. "Who the hell was that?" Suddenly a loud yell came from the bushes. "The lost boys...RUN!" We ran to a path that was leading into the forest and the lost boys followed us.

"DON'T LET THEM ESCAPE!!!" I jumped over a tree that laid on the path and ran after Hook. He went of the path and I followed him. Where is he? Suddenly a hand pulled me down. "Wha-" "Quiet, love." I looked down and saw that I was laying on top of Hook. I heard the yells from the lost boys coming closer. "We need to find a better place to hide." I whispered to him. He nodded and softly moved us to a few trees spread a few meters ahead of us. We sat against them and catched our breaths.

"Are you hurt?" I shook my head and he let go a sigh that he was holding in. "Are you okay?" "Ofcourse, the lost boys aren't really smart." I laughed. I immediatly missed the warmth of the campfire as a cold wind made me shiver. "You're cold!" Hook took of his long black coat and put it over my shoulders. "Is that better?" I softly nodded as I felt the warm leather around my soft skin. The jacket smelled like rum and the salty sea.

"Why does Pan need Henry?" Hook looked at me. "I don't know, but he's up to something bad. He started looking for a certain boy a few decades ago. Maybe Henry is the boy he was looking for." I sighed and wrapped the black leather a bit more around my body. "Will he hurt him?" "If Pan needs him for something I don't think he'll hurt him." I moved a little so I could sit more comfortable on the dirty ground.

"We should look for a better shelter and try to get some sleep." Hook stood up and looked around. Then he stook his hand out to help me up. I layed my hand in his and felt a little spark between our hands. "Thank you." We walked through the forest looking for a place that we can use as shelter. The forest is beautiful, but also scary. You don't know if something is going to attack you out of nowhere. "We can stay here." I looked around and saw a big cliff infront of me and around us was only the forest. "This isn't a shelter, pirate. Or isn't my pirate instinct letting me down?" He laughed and shook his head. "Baelfire used to be on this island for a few years. He stayed here, while he was planning his escape." He pushed a rock that layed against the cliff and it revealed an opening. "After you!" He smiled and I crouched through the opening. Hook came in after me and shoved the rock before the entrance.

"It's a bit dark don't you think?" I said as the place was pitchblack. "No, I don't see it..." he laughed. "That was a bad joke." I smiled. "I thought it was funny enough to lighten up the mood." I laughed a bit, but got annoyed by the darkness. "Are you going to make light or do I need to do it?" I saw a spark coming from the other side of the little hideout and after a few more a torch was on fire. He lightend some others and sat down next to me. "Thanks, hook." "No problem, love." "I was talking to the hook... not you." He laughed softly. I tried to lay a bit comfy to try to sleep, but I couldn't get comfortable. "You can lay against me if that will make you sleep better." Hook suggested. I layed against him and felt his arms wrap around my body. That already was wrapped up in his warm coat. "Sleepwell, we'll go look for Henry tomorrow, okay?" I nodded in his chest. "Sleepwell, guyliner."

I woke up when I heard voices outside of our hideout. I softly nudged guyliner in his side and he woke up. His black hair was messy and some dirt was on his face. His arms were still around my body. I quickly sat up as the voices came closer. "Do you hear that to?" He nodded. He stood up and walked to the entrance. "It sounds like the charmings and that blonde." I stood up and walked to him. "Where could they be?" The voice belongs to Emma. I looked at Hook. "That's Emma!" We pushed the rock away and saw the charming's looking at us. "What were you doing in there?" Snow looked at us with a confused look on her face. "Well, if you want to know. We got chased by some lost boys and had to hide, because you took long to find wood." She sighed. Charming looked at Hook's coat that was still around me. I quickly got out of it and gave it back to Hook. "Let's just go and save Henry."

After we found Henry we went back to Storybrooke with all the lost boys. Everyone was already of the Jolly Roger, while Hook was still on deck. The wood creaked under my feet. He turned around and smiled at me. "Thank you for saving me from the lost boys and helping us save Henry." I stood next to him. "It was nothing. I saw how much you care for the lad. And Pan has hurt a lot of people who I cared about, I couldn't let him hurt another boy." I layed my hand on his hook. "I don't know how I can pay you back. That's how pirates work, right? They do something for you and you need to do something for them." He laughed and shook his head. "You don't have to do anything for me." I turned to him. "But I want to do it! You made sure I was okay, no one ever has done that for me." He turned to me and I looked in his crystal blue eyes. "I know something you can do for me." He stepped closer to me and I looked at his smooth lips. "And what can that be?" He grabbed me at my waist, pulled me closer and kissed me on my lips. "I could live with that!" We both laughed and shared another kiss.

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