You're Mine

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The world is nowhere close to once it was, dangerous as ever and much more cruel than before. Demons lurking every corner in the world. In year 2020, Demons now rule the world.

Demons and criminals everywhere in disguised, missing girls, bank robbery, murdered people increasing. The worlds most wanted demons, known as One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer. They are roaming in the whole world, without anybody knowing where they are.

The Hemmings and Styles; one of the most known demon since year 2015; The leader of each group are enemies back way before. Each demon have their 'partner'. Once they've been found their partner, they will be possessed by them, their life in their hands. Each of them has been loved and been waited by their partners for years.

And Ashley is one of them.

-This story is still on going. I just got busy the past few months but I am now continuing and editing this. I started writing this when I was obsessing over demon stories and movies, It is poorly written, but I am editing it so I hope it'll make a difference.-

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