seven; connor

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          "Did you hear Sophia Bailey is throwing a party on the 27th? Her brother is coming home from college and he's bringing booze and weed. I heard it's gonna be dope."

          "You know neither of us likes weed, Toby. Remember when you tripped out and threw up on my deck?"

          "Shut up, Con-man. It was our first time and I'm 84% sure that shit was laced."

          Connor rolls his eyes and flips Toby his middle finger discreetly so that their teacher doesn't notice. Turning back around, he rushes to finish copying the notes from the smartboard, mentally murdering his best friend for having the brain capacity to remember that stupid nickname he gave him freshman year.

          It's been six days and Connor still doesn't remember what happened between him and Sabrina, and it's starting to affect him greatly.

          Neither of them were virgins, of course. Connor had had significant others and his fair share of casual sex partners, and he knew enough about Sabrina to know Saturday definitely wasn't her first time. But, Connor didn't "fuck" people. He had sex with them, and although it was usually no strings attached, Connor treated it as if it was special each time. Not being able to remember, especially because it was with Sabrina, made him feel dirty and somehow shameful. He didn't want to become that guy.

          After class, Connor waits for Toby outside of the classroom and together they walk to lunch.

          "So, are you gonna go?"

          "I don't know. I might have plans."

          "It's three weeks from now, dude. You don't have anything planned that's more important than free booze."

          "You don't know that."

          For the time being, he hated alcohol.

          In the hall, they see Sabrina and Lisa, talking to one of the girls in their grade. Sabrina has her hair in two braids and her shirt is floral and pink, a color she doesn't wear often. She looks cute, in Connor's opinion, but she looks good in anything.

          Abruptly, the girl hugs her and she awkwardly returns the gesture, oddly avoiding Connor's eyes.

          Once they pass them and Toby is finished ogling his girlfriend and obnoxiously blowing her kisses, he turns back towards his best friend, "C'mon, don't be a dick. Are you gonna come or not?"

          "Nah, I think I'll stay home."

          Connor doesn't miss the "of course" Toby mutters under his breath and flicks him off, again; this time with both of his middle fingers. 

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