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kushi..a 22 year old girl..residing at mumbai..daughter of a rich man named sashi gupta..kushi was adopted by her mausi when her parents died in a car accident !.. her mausi was really very sweet to her and so was her step dad..but she never considered them as their step parents..she called them amma and bauji from her heart ..she never wanted to betray them for any kind they have been to her...

she also had an elder sister named payal ... kushi and payal were like the closest friends..they share everything ! and most of the time what they talk would be about their marriage and their prince charming..

kushi did not wanna have a love

marriage..she wanted to marry a person whom her parents selected..n blindly marry him..n later fall in love with him and then slowly take their relationship to the next level..she wanted to have a spicy married life..the main reason was she did not want to go go against parents and marry someone..she wanted to marry a person selected by her was her dream.

but payal! totally the opposite..she wanted to have only a love marriage ..she never believed in the arranged marriage and stuffs..every time she tried to counter argue kushi whenever kushi talks about having an arranged marriage..but always payal would fail in her efforts..

when kushi and payal think about nothing but their marriage here is our arnav singh raizada a 23 year old business tycoon residing at mumbai does not have any time to think about anything other than his work ..but wealth no less! a very rich business man indeed !but what he considers as his greatest wealth is his di(anjali)he blindly trusts her .. whatever it maybe ,he trusts her ...

but anjali is now very keen in getting her chotte married..she came through photos of many girls..but she did not find anyone who would be a perfect match for her brother..n that was when she saw a picture..

now how will these two lives of arnav and kushi unite as one??

So...readers...plzzz give ur comments n plzz vote..

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