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“You’re lying!” Tatiana laughed as she playfully pushed me away.  We were currently standing in line for fish sticks in the cafeteria.  I had just finished telling her all about my encounter with Aiden on the bus.  And luckily, just as I wanted, she was jealous.

“Well, at least you have Ben,” I teased.

Tatiana sneered.  Ben was a geeky kid who had liked her since the first grade.  “He asked me out to the movies tonight,” she gagged.  “Last week I told him I was abstinent, but for some reason that didn’t scare him away!”

Perhaps he knew that Tatiana’s abstinence had only lasted fourteen minutes, just like the hockey team did.  “He just likes you,” I said.

“Too much,” she sighed.  “But you have to go out with Adam tonight.  If you do, I’ll bring…ugh Ben, and we can double date to the movies.”

“It’s Aiden,” I corrected.  “And that sounds cool. But first, I want to see you ask out Ben.”

“I hope your guy has herpes,” she muttered as she turned around, knowing full well that Ben wasn’t too far away.  “Ben!”

“Yes!?” he called, only four people behind us.

Tatiana began to grind her teeth.  “You’re taking me to the movies,” she growled.  “Your treat.”

“O-okay!” Ben cheered, a huge smile forming on his face.

I fought to keep from laughing hysterically, lest Ben find out he was just a pawn in our plan to get me a date with Aiden.  I would feel a whole lot safer if Tatiana were there.  Sure Aiden seemed like a nice man, but I don’t know him very well.

I looked away from Ben’s eager and Tatiana’s pissed off face.  I moved down the line, smiling as the lunch lady gave me an extra fish stick.  I think it was because I actually say “Thank you” when I’m served food.  I kept moving, grabbed a water and some chopped cantaloupe.  I paid for my lunch and went to go find a seat.  There was an empty table near the back of the cafeteria.

I went there, knowing that Tatiana would only be a few seconds behind.  As soon as I sat down, my phone buzzed in my pocket.  I pulled it out, seeing that I had another text message from an unknown number.

Nadine, just letting u kno I miss u it read.

I didn’t have the heart to tell this guy that this Nadine girl probably gave him a wrong number to get him off her back.  I deleted it and put my phone back into my pocket.

Tatiana sat down beside me.  “I was thinking,” she said, a fish stick in her mouth, “that werewolf movie is supposed to be hella scary.  So make sure to act scared, but not so scared as to seem you’re dependent on a man for protection.”

So I need to act scared, but independent? “How do I do that?” I asked, wanting to make sure that this date went down awesomely.  I also wasn’t sure if this date was going to occur for sure, because I technically didn’t ask Aiden out yet.  We just agreed to maybe do something later together.  I hope to God he says yes to this double date proposal.

Tatiana sat in thought for a little bit.  “Make sure you lean into him during the movie, but after about an hour, and only during a moment of high tension or a death scene.  Got it?”

I nodded, then smiled.  “Are you going to lean into Ben?”

Tatiana grimaced.  “He’ll be lucky if I share my popcorn with him, which he’ll pay for of course.”

I chuckled at her quirkiness.  Then I paused for a moment in wonder.  “Hey Tat, do you know a Nadine?” I asked.

Tatiana looked at me and cocked her eyebrow.  “Nadine Saunders?” she wondered.  “’Cause that bitch criticized my painting in art class last year.  Why do you bring her up?”

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