The Ghosts of Willow Vale Manor

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When a new vistor name Laura Jackson comes into a small town of Autumn Groves, she hears of a mystery in town.

A mystery of a haunted mansion.

Since she's loves writing about mystery and hoping of getting a story for inspiration. She decideds to pay the Willow Vale Manor a visit.

Not knowing what she's getting herself more than a story to tell. And maybe, just maybe alittle of romance along the way with a boy next door and annoying yet cute Kevin Lee.

Anyways, back to the haunted mansion, it was said that it's full of hidden secrets, mysterys that are never solved... and maybe a few... Ghosts or spirits that haven't found their peace.

Read more to find out what happens and what did happened at the Willow Vale Manor.

Discover hidden secrets in this book, and a shocking past of the Willow Vale Manor.

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