Chapter 9

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Hermione's POV

Hermione saw two people sitting on the grass while everyone else was in the water. She swam up to them, "Hazel! Jason! Come on, you're missing all the fun," She got to the shore and sat down next to them.

"I'm not a water person like Percy, I like to stay on the ground," Hazel laughed but she also looked a little nervous.

Jason nodded, "It's entertaining enough to just watch the others fooling around. Anyway, the weather's nice today and we might as well enjoy it before it changes."

Hermione leaned back. Everyone seemed to be having fun and getting along pretty well. Hermione couldn't help but laugh when she saw Ron and Harry in Percy's swim trunks. The two were fit but definitely not as much as Frank, Jason, or Percy who looked like they worked out often. Leo also had some muscles but he was skinnier and shorter than the other guys. Even the girls looked pretty strong and athletic, Hermione could imagine them playing muggle sports like soccer or doing sprints, or evening wrestling.

She'd only met the new students a day ago so she didn't know a lot about them that much but she didn't think it would hurt to ask, "What kind of wizarding family are you from?"

The two looked confused. Hermione went on, "Like are you pure-bloods, half-bloods, or muggle-borns."

Jason and Hazel looked at each other. "What do they mean? Hopefully we're not too behind on those magical term," Hazel said. Hermione knew that they hadn't gotten their letters to Hogwarts before that school year so she knew that she couldn't blame them for that.

"It's okay. Pure-bloods are people who's parents are both wizards. Half-bloods are people with only one parent with magical powers. Muggle-borns are people like me, who's parents are both muggles, meaning that neither of the parents have magical abilities."

"Oh," Jason looked relieved, "We're all... ahh... We all have one muggle parent."

"There's nothing wrong with that, no need to look guilty," Hermione put her hand up for a high-five. Jason was about to raise his right hand but quickly put it down as if he didn't want Hermione to see something on it. He gave her an awkward high-five with his left hand instead. 

Harry and Ron walked over to them. "Hey guys, we were wondering why Nico's not here so we're going to go look for him in the castle," Harry said and started to walk towards the school as he and Ron put on their robes.

Ron waved back to them, "We'll be right back,"

Hazel and Jason got up to follow them but Jason whispered something to Hazel and she sat back down. They were both tense, "Just be careful and make sure that they're not too pushy. I doubt he'll agree to come out here," Hazel said to Jason. 

"Is everything all right?" Hermione asked after the three boys had gone inside, "You seem a bit worried."

Hazel sighed, "It's fine. It's just that Nico doesn't like to be bothered that much. Even though he's my brother and all, he can still be introverted towards me."

Hermione didn't know that Nico and Hazel were siblings. They seemed not only different in personality but also in appliance. Nico had unkept black hair while hazel had long, curly brown hair the color of cinnamon. Nico had very pale skin that Hermione guessed had once been an olive color while Hazel had amazing smooth skin the color of light milk chocolate. Nico definitely wasn't ugly but he always seemed stressed out and tired. 

Just then, Annabeth and Piper came over and sat down next to them. Piper had her hair in a single braid while Annabeth's hair was drawn back in a ponytail. "Mind if we join you two?" Piper asked.

"Yea sure, we can sit back, relax, and chat," Hermione said. It was nice to meet some new friends so quickly into a new school year. 

"It must be exciting to go to a wizarding school," Annabeth said.

"Yea, there's more stuff you can learn here than at a normal muggle school. And there definitely is more things thats happened here, some good, some bad," Hermione admitted. She looked at the castle and thought about all the things that she, Harry, and Ron had gone through in the seven years that they had been there before.

Hazel looked a bit confused, "What do you mean?"

Hermione sighed, "Well, there was a war going on here in the wizarding world between an evil group of wizards, called the death eaters, and the rest of us. The leader of the death eaters was one of the most powerful wizards who ever lived, and his name was... his name was..." It was still hard to actually say his name but she knew that he was finally defeated and gone, "Voldemort. Some people still call him you-know-who because they're afraid of saying his name."

Hermione noticed that the sky was getting dark and remembered that there was going to be lessons tomorrow, "We should start heading back soon if we want to be ready for tomorrow. I can tell you about the war later."

The seven of them walked inside with a very sad looking Percy, who for some reason looked more dry than anybody else, which was weird because he was the one who spent the most amount of time in the lake. Hermione soon forgot about that when she walked into the Gryffindor common room and found Harry and Ron wispering to each other, both of them looking scared, worried, and confused.

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