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Rose Miller was done! And never going back! Ever! That lieing cheating sorry bastard! How dare he? Thomas, the bastard, acted like its her fault that he was having sex in their bedroom! The bedroom that she pays the rent on. The bedroom that she cleans. With her 'best friend'!

When Rose got off work early, she was happy to get off her feet. She was hoping that Thomas didn't want her to cook breakfast, after working fifteen hours in the quick-care clinic, she was tired as hell!

She opened the door to the apartment that she shared with her husband of six years. They had married during his freshman year in college. The agreement was, she worked while he went to college, then he would work while she went to college. He graduated two months ago and went to work as a lawyer in his dad's firm. Last year, Rose had told him that she would like to go ahead and start her classes. He agreed as long as she continued to work to support them. Rose had agreed. So she went to learn pediatric nursing. She was just two months from graduation. Then she wouldn't have to work double shifts. Hell, she didn't know why she was still working them, since Thomas was working in his field and no longer in college! She was going to tell him that she was going to quit with the doubles this morning!

Rose walked through the dark apartment toward the bedroom. She heard moaning. Great he's watching porn again! Looks like I'm not getting sleep in the next half hour! She opened the door and stopped cold. The tv wasn't on any porn. It was Thomas fucking Emma Travis, her best friend and co-worker. Slash that, ex-friend!

"What the fuck is going on? Thomas, Emma, how dare you two? How long has this been happening?"

The sound of her voice, stopped the thrusting on her bed. "Oh God! Rose, it's not as bad as it seems!"

"You're supposed to be working Rose! Give me a minute to dress and we will talk about this."

Rose took her phone out of her pocket and took some pictures of the cheaters. She will need evidence later. She then turned and left the bedroom. She heard whispers as she texted the pictures to Emma's husband. She also sent the pictures to her email, just in case Thomas tried to erase the pictures from her phone. After that was done, she grabbed her old phone. Rose quickly set her phone to video the upcoming confrontation, she had a feeling that it was going to be a doozy. Being married to someone who was a lawyer and a criminal lawyer's daughter-in-law, had its perks. She heard Emma and Thomas come out of the bedroom.

"Rose, please listen to me! I was lonely and so jealous of you. It just happened."

"Get the fuck out of my house Emma! I swear on my life that if you don't leave now, I will hurt you extremely bad! Don't you ever come near me again!"

"Alright, I will leave. But we will talk about this when you can think straight. I need to go fix James's breakfast anyway."

"Emma just go! You're making it worse!" Thomas said as he opened the door. After closing the door, he walked towards his irate wife and snatched her phone out of her hand. He tried unlocking it. When that didn't work, he snapped it in half. "Now there's your evidence. You have two options. Forget what you saw and we move on as we are. Or, file for a divorce and get the fuck out of here. Its your decision. And the next time, you get off work early, call first. Now, I'm hungry, fix my breakfast while I shower!" He turned and left her standing.

"You didn't wait on my decision. Because I'm not fixing you any breakfast. You want something to eat? Go to Emma's and do it with James!"

"That's because I know that you can't live without me. Fix my breakfast bitch!"

She smirked at his retreating back. He thinks that he is so smart! The phone that he broke was her old phone. He wanted her to fix his breakfast while he is showering? Ok. She went into the bedroom and got one of his belts, then wrapped it around the bathroom door handle and the closet door handle, effectively locking the door. She proceeded to pack her clothes and take them to her SUV. Next was her jewelry and ready cash. Along with her photo albums. After loading her car down, she had one more thing to do. Rose went back inside to the kitchen, she could hear Thomas yelling from the bathroom. She laughed at him. Going into the refrigerator she got out the milk, eggs, and bacon. She pulled the oil from the cabinet, then took them all to the bedroom. She threw the bacon open on the bed, next was the eggs being cracked onto the bed. Next she poured the milk and oil. There was not a single dry space on the bed. Then it hit her, she went back to the kitchen and returned with the flour, coffee, sugar, and preserves. It all went the same as the other breakfast items.

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