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"I wish to stay with you

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"I wish to stay with you." Arya is laying on the bed beside Victoria, their hands intertwined as the two share their thoughts aloud. It was the day they would depart and neither girl had felt like doing much. Arya was still in need of packing, most of her clothes were spewed across the room still and the little girl had absolutely no intention of picking it up.

Vic hadn't left her room for the day, she knew eventually it would be time to head out and see her father but her heart was plummeting at the thought. Arya had come in an hour ago and the two had simply laid in the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

Victoria felt a lump raise in her throat as she lifted off the furs and turned, "my wild girl, I would want nothing more then for all of you to stay here. I hate the thought of you growing so far away, the next time I see you all the tales and adventures you'd have gone on in Kings Landing will be a memory I wish to enjoy with you."

"We never got to go to Dorne!" Arya whined, pulling from the bed as well, a pout on her lips.

Victoria leaned over and pulled her hair through the girls hair, all the handmaidens had been very busy keeping the Castle up to standards lately, most of them had forgotten about young Arya. Vic sighed, looking at the young girl and wanting to cry the longer she thought about her departure.

The silence that built around them wasn't left for long as the door to the Valiente girls chambers were soon opened to reveal Robb Stark.

He had a smile on his face despite the circumstances but he always did lately when looking at Victoria. Ever since the day they'd made up both had seemed to be able to keep the relationship steady, there had been no fights or bitter comments to one another and Robb had slept every night in her chambers so far. Surprisingly, he wasn't trying to have sex all the time with her, some nights they actually just slept huddled together, Vic liked that, she felt reassured with him now.

Robb stepped into the room, looking between either girl and finally settling his eyes on the youngest, "Arya, the Septa's going to have your head if your clothes aren't packed already."

"But there's so many," she whined, jumping off the bed and stomping her foot.

Victoria laughed and followed after her, pulling her into her side, "go get started and I'll drop by to help you."

"Promise?" Arya's big eyes were wide as they looked up at her.

Vic winked and nodded, "I'll try my best."

Arya smiled and ran off, leaving the two to themselves. Vic was in Robb's arms instantly, her head pressed against his chest and his warm scent invading her sinuses. Robb leaned against her, his slow breath relaxed. The two hadn't gotten much sleep in the last few weeks, with their father's leaving and Catelyn occupied they had been running around Winterfell making sure everything was how it should be. All the Handmaids did their best including Elaine who was new but also very reliant.

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