Chapter 27

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Chica's POV

After I left the store with my new dress, I couldn't stop thinking about Avery and her mother, her deceased father, and now I know a time line of when the nightmares came into Avery's life. 'But the questions I have now is what happened to her father? Why did the nightmares choose to teach Avery their ways of hiding in the shadow's and more importantly what is her real last name. I feel like it has something to do what they are planning. To throw those of us on the trail off?' These questions ran through my head as I drove back to the pizzeria and I noticed the time was 4:05PM, I still had about an hour and 55 minues left before Avery would arrive to the pizzeria to pick me up for our date.

I blushed at the thought of being on a date with Avery. She is just so frusterating, slick like an eel, with a tongue to match. She played the evil role to well that one would think she was truly so. She just loves to challenge me to the point that I'm confused as to what is false and true. She just had to put butterflies in my gut, and make me blush and laugh with that slick, sliver tongue of her's. Her smile so smug and knee weaking, that I just want to slip it off her face sometimes with a good comeback. Her eyes, her beutiful eyes, pierceing my soul when she looks at me like I'm the only one worth looking at in the whole world. She is just so arrogent, charming, smart, mystrious, yet can be so sweet at times that I'm on a cloud. I pulled into the parking lot of the pizzeria and placed my head against the stearing wheel.

'Avery. Why do you have me feeling like this after such a short time? There is so much more to you then meets the eye. That I know is clear. You hide your last that you share with you father. Wait. Her father was an employee here. Surely there must still be a file on him in Bill's office! Avery may be smart but she has slipped up a few times, so she must have forgot about her father's file should it still be here. Oh but what name would it be under? Wait. HER DRIVER'S LISENCE! It's has her real name on it!The question is, how do I get a hold on it. She probably won't let me near it. I just may have to look through the files when I have the chance.' I thought. I grabbed the dress and went into the pizzeria which was a bit slow at the moment today even though it was a Saturday.

I went to Bill's office and knocked on the door. "Come in" I heard and I opend the door to find Bill, looking through paperwork. He looks up to me and smiles. "Hey Chica. What can I help you with?" he asked. "Can I store my dress here until it's time for me to get ready?" I asked him and he nodded. "Sure Chica. Go right ahead. Oh hey, I just found this letter addressed to Goldie in Avery's file. Can you give this to him?" he said as he hands me an envalope with Goldie's name written in cursve. I nodded my head and left with the letter, before opened it up, knowing that Avery would now perfer me reading it now that I'm the only one on the trail of finding answers.

'To Goldie who I suspect is following my trail. I must say you are quite smart but not smart enough. I thought long ahead to take my father's old file if that is what you are searching for. I also took the liberty to do a little changing to my file as well to fit the false face I shall wear until the end. Don't bother with asking Bill what happend to the either file. For I lets say fixed his memory so that as far as he knows is that he threw away my father's file and that my family name has always been Summit. Good luck trying to get my real last name now. Using magic to fix Bill's memory won't help. The effect of mine to earse and change the facts become perminet after 2 hours and by the time you see this you won't be able to change it back. Only the person who casted the spell can change it back and that won't happen until the end of my task. Again good luck. With love from your favortie night guard Avery.' I sighed.

'Of course Avery was smart enough not to leave valuable infomation laying around for us to look at. She may have slipped up a few times before but not with her last name.' I thought as I threw the letter away and went to work before it was time to get ready for my date. Time flied to the point I had only 30 minutes to get ready for my date. It was during our break in between shows, so gathered everything I needed and started to Bill's office to get ready. "Lass." Foxy called to me as I was about to leave the backstage area. "Can I talk to ye?" he asked. I looked around and saw the others were not here. "Sure what about?" "About where you are going this evening? A new dress and shoes. What is this all about?" he asked abit concerned. I sighed, "I have a date...with Avery." I said and looks at me shocked. "What?! Why?!" he half yelled out. "Quite Foxy. What I say is true. Remember last night, I made a bet with her and she won. Though after words before she left she said I no longer had to keep my end since she didn't keep her end from the first deal."

From there I explained the deals but kept some info quite for I still feared for my friend's safty. He looks at me sadly and places a hand on my shoulder. "I understand lass. Ye were in a tough spot. Ye close had no choice to play to her whims. But why still go out with her is she said ye don't have to?" He asked and I blushed. "I fear I'm falling for her Foxy. After a short time I have fallen. I know there is more to her then meets the eye but right now I need clues and answers to make all the more clear." I said. "Bless ye heart Chica. I would try to stop ye but I believe like the night guard you are strong and can protect yourself." He said. "Thank you Foxy. Now I have to quickly get ready." I said as I left to head to Bill's office and change.

The time came and I left the office and found Avery talking with Foxy who seemed to be glaring at her slightly. Avery looks up and I could see her gap at me in astonment. I was walk over to them as I notice a blush growing on Avery's face. "Wow uh um uh I er uh Ch-chi-no Su-su-Susie, you look, you look, you look am-amazing. Beautiful, very stunning." Avery studdered out seeming to have found her voice. "Thank you Avery." I said with a blush powdering my cheeks. "I uh also uh got you these." she said as she hands two boxes. One clear, plastic holding a blue rose corsage and the other felt like a jewlery box. "I think the second gift may not fit well with what you are wearing but I did try to find something you might like." She said as I stared at the flower, I gently took it out and put it on.

Foxy took the empty box and without looking at Avery, I felt that she was nervous as hell waiting for me to say something. I opened the jewerly box and gasped at the necklace there. It was a round necklace with a beautiful picture of a raven with a rose against the cloudy silver background. I look up to her and smile. "I love it, my favorite Raven." I said to her jokingly but it did cause her to blush and studder even more as I put on the necklece. "Shall we get going?" I asked and she shook her head and smiled at me. "Yeah. Let's but uh you dropped something back there earlier." she said "Where?" "Over there." I look around and I noticed Foxy looked confused as well as me. "What did I drop?" I asked and she smiles at me. "My jaw." She simpily said causing me to laugh and Foxy to roll his eyes.

"Remember night guard. Bring her back safe and un-harmed." "Aye Aye captain." Avery said as the both of us where about to leave the pizzeria but was stopped by Bill. "Avery wait. I have something to tell you." he said as he ran up to followed by the others. "What is it sir?" "It's about the toys. They found them! They were found and are going to be brought here to entertain kids!" Bill said excitedably shocking all of us but Avery. "That's great sir." "And it's all thanks to you! If you hadn't said anything about them or a possablie location for them, we would have not have found them. How did you know they were there?" He asked her. "Like I said sir, I just remember all that I could from what my father told me about the prevous pizzerias and I felt that maybe the toys wouldn't be to far from them." she said and Bill nodded.

"Of course, of course. Oh this is just great. Avery you've really helpped this pizzeria just by being around! Keep up the great job Avery!" he said before leaving. The others stare at her shocked before glaring. She just smiles that smug smile of her's and her eyes turn blood red. "Phase one done." she said before turning and leaving with me.

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