Will you?

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For the next two weeks it has been all about Matt's wedding. I've helped Riley with most of the planing and decorating. It was finally time for them to get married.

I was getting dressed while my mom helped the girls get ready and Noah got Mason ready.

I went to the mirror and looked down at the dress I had on.

It was the first one that I found when me an Riley went out shopping

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It was the first one that I found when me an Riley went out shopping. I heard a knock at my door and I turned to see Noah and Mason both in nice suits with bow ties.

"Well would you look at you two handsome men." Mason smiled and ran into the room.

"Mommy look I get to wear a tie just like daddy." I got down to his size and fixed the bow tie a little.

"You look very handsome Mason."

"Thank you Mommy and yorw verwy pwitty." I kissed his cheek and got up to see Noah's cheek out for me. I giggled and went to hiss him but he turned and his lips went to mine.

"Eww Mommy daddy stop." I giggled when I saw Noah's eyes roll.

"Why don we go get your sisters." Noah said grabbing mason and throwing him up in the air making him laugh.

I grabbed my things and met Matt at the front door. He was shaking and walking back and forth.

"Hey could you sit down? I'm getting sick just watching you" Matt looked up to me and I really saw how worried he was.

"Look as best women I think it's my duty to tell you that it's all going to be ok. She loves you you lover here and your going to get married."

"I know but what if I rushed this? What if she doesn't show? Wh-"

"Matt if you say what if one more time I will hit you. Just because it's your wedding day does not mean I will go easy on you." He chuckled and ran his hands threw his hair. Sitting down he put his hands on his head.

"Well I'm just out of my mind. A girl like her? Likes me??" I smiled and walked closer to him.

"Well you did something right or else she would have been gone a long time ago."

"Thanks" he laughed getting up. I smiled "anytime"


We were now at the church. We were waiting for the ok that the bride was ready. When we got it me,Gomes, and King got up to stand behind Matt. I patted his shoulder when I saw Riley step out from behind the doors.

It was so beautiful to see them so happy and in love. There vows made me cry and I was so happy for them.

Soon we were all sitting at a table together. Me Matt, Riley, Noah, King, Gomes, my mom and Dad. The kids were running around having fun as we ate. I looked around and realized that it was time. I got up and picked up my glass with a spoon. It hit the glass with the spoon and soon everyone was quite.

"Hey So first Off I would like to congratulate my best friend and his wife for this day. I am so very happy for you guys and wish you all the best." I held my glass up to them and soon everyone else did.

"Ok so I guess as best women I should say a few things." I put the glass down and looked to Matt and Riley.

"When I first met Matt I thought that he was just going to be a nice boy that would be quite and go along with everything. I was wrong." The laugher field the air.

"Yeah no he was this loud annoying kid that loved to watch football. The first game I watched with him I think he almost blew my ear drum out." Matt rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"No but he was a good guy. He helped me through a lot of things and showed me that once and awhile your going to get knocked down but your going to get back up." I smiled at him and he mounted a thank you.

"Then I met Riley. Now I'm not going to lie. I didn't think you were good enough for my best friend yet." Everyone laughed and I smiled looking at her.

"But then I got to know you and I realized why Matt fell for you. Your a sweet kind girl and you held him threw a bad time. It is because of you that I still have my friend today and for that I am grateful. You have also acted like a big sister to me for the past couple of weeks. Thank you for marrying my friend and I wish you the best of luck." She giggled and held up her glass to me.

We all cheered and then drank. I sat back down next to Noah and felt him grab my hand under the table.

"Will you marry me?" I heard him whisper in my ear. I turned to him with a look of confusion.

"We are married?" He chuckled "no I mean will you marry me again?" I felt butterflies in my stomach. This was the man of my children. The man I loved. Of course I was going to say yes.

"Yes Noah I'll marry you again." He smiled and kissed me on the lips before pulling me into a hug.

It is sad to say but I think that this book is slowly coming to an end!!! I can't believe this. This book has been fun to make and I really hope that you all loved it as much as I did. I rally have tried my hardest with this and I'm going to continue to do that.

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