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Living with different crowd is not easy as we thought it would be. We blend in even though we know we will never be like them. And humans? They are warm, blood runs through their veins, and their heart beats while I have the opposite of what they have. They eat, we suck. -Yuna

Living with different crowd... Wait. My sister said it already. So, well... I don't know. People are humans. So are we, decades ago. And now we we're still alive, but dead. We hunt and feed from animals. We are the predators, they are our prey. But humans? We can't suck on them. -Jinx

The world changed as humans became stupid than before. They know our existence, but as a myth. And now that we are in the modern civilization, no vampire hunters, no werewolves, no withces around anymore... We could live the way we wanted. I can now suck a human. -Hera


Hindi seryosong kwento... Parody sana ito or comedy kaya lang hindi ako marunong kaya pagtiyagaan na lang natin ito. LoL

Credits to:

Nuh Yheen and friend - photo and editing

Jinxmagnet - pose

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