Chapter 33

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I sat on a stool as the doctor shuffled around in some of the cabinets in the small room. He was tall with dark hair and eyes. Finding what he needed he walked over to me. He gentally placed his hand under my chin lifting it up so that he could inspect my nose. Turning my head he let out a small sigh. 

"That door got pretty good." He said. The sides of his lips lifing up slightlyh. 

I chuckled at him softly. He grabbed a alcohol wipe and carefully began to wipe away the blood. I flinched as he hit the sensitive spot on my nose. 

"Sorry Alpha." He said and purrced his lips. 

"Call me Evelyn." I said. 

He just nodded and turned away to grab something else. Turning back to me he wiped on some cream onto my nose. It had a instant cooling effect. I let out a sigh as the pain disapated. 

"Thanks doc." I said with a grin. 

"Call me David." 

'Wait!" I said as my mind regestered his name. 



"Yes. Why?" 




"Evelyn are you alright?" He asked.

"YOU GUYS ARE SO FUCKING ADORABLE!" I screamed. He just looked at me and let out a small nervous laugh. 

"Where's Malik?" I asked as I turned and ran over to the door. 

Looking down the hall I saw that he was leaning outside Azreals door. I bolted towards him. He looked up quickly at the sound of footsteps. 

"BEST FRIEND!!!" He stood and turned towards me backing up a bit. 

I jumped towards him my hands landing on his shoulders. I jumped up and down in front of him. I smiled widely at him and laughed. He looked down at me his eyebrow raised. Slowly he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. 


"Yes." He stated blandly. 

"You guys are so perfect! Your like a damn ass rock and hes a fuzzy rainbow bunny!" 

"A fuzzy rainbow bunny...."

"YES!" I pulled away from him and ran back into Azreal's room. 


"What?" He said turning towards me from the bed. 

"Malik has a mate!" 

"I know." he said with a smile. 

"They are so adorable!" I said with a huge grin clasping my hands together. 

"Relax Evelyn." he said still smiling. 

I just walked over and plopped on the side of his bed. He moved over to give me room. I scooted over and leaned into his side. I loved the feel of his body next to mine. I leaned my head on his shoulder and looked up at him. He smiled down at me. Azreal leaned down and kissed my forehead. 

I looked over at the door as I heard someone walk in. Malik and David stood there. Malik was standing behind David leaning into his chest. I smiled at him broadly at them. 

"Evelyn why don't you take Azreal upstairs. There is a room waiting for you. Just make sure not to preforme any strenuous activities." David said wink. 


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