Chapter 9

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"Seline?" Sybil said in disbelief

"Hi sister," Seline responded, tears in her eyes. Sybil looked to Stiles with confusion.

"Who's this?" She asked point to Stiles. Seline had walked to a table on the side that had a towel, wrapping it around Sybil's shoulders.

"This is Stiles. Our Nogitsune," Seline responded walking next to Stiles and put a hand on his shoulder. Sybil gave a disbelieving look as she eyed Stiles up and down. In Sybil's eyes Stiles wasn't neccesarily fit for being the dark nogitsune. He wasnt built like the original nogitsune, James had been.

"You can look at me like that all you want but thats not going to change the fact that I am Void," Stiles told her glowing his bright orange eyes. Sybil widened her eyes at his, looking taken aback.

"Where's Cade?" She asked looking around hoping he would come from around the corner or something, but to no avaik.

"He hasn't come yet," Seline told her. "But he'll be here soon," Sybil nodded sadly. Stiles checked his phone and turned towards the door.

"Where do you think you're going?" Sybil called aftrr him.

"Out," Stiles yelled over his shoulder before closing the steel doors behind him.

Stiles walked through the busy streets of Central Beacon Hills. People talking and laughing around him happily while eating delicious food at the outside tables of restaurants. It made him... smile. He kept walking till he got out of the busy part of town till he was walking down the sidewalk of the all too familiar neighboor. Instead of knocking on the door he went around and jumo up to the roof knocking on the window.

"Go away Liam. Im busy," Stiles heard the voice say from inside. He missed that sweet tone he hasn't heard in a while. Stiles smiled and knocked again.

"Liam, go home. We have school in the morning you should be sleeping," at this point Stiles slid the window open and landed in the hard wood flooring with a soft thud.

"Go home pup, I know you have a test-," Scott cut himself off when he turn from his desk chair to see Stiles on the other side of the room. He stood quickly in a defensive position.

"What are you doing here?" Scott growled at him.

"Scott, its me. This time its actually me," Sfiles told in the most convincing voice he could muster.

"You think im going to fall for your shit again!? No!" Scott shouted at him.

"You have to believe me. This is me. I turned my humanity back on," there was something in Scott's eyes that gave Stiles the slightest bit of hope that Scott believed him, but he couldn't quite reading it right.

"Prove it,"

"If my humanity wasn't on, I wouldn't be here right now. You wouldn't have been the first thing on my mind the second I turn it on," Stiles took small steps towards Scott.

"I wouldn't feel like shit for everthing I've done and punch myself in the face everytime I think about it. I wouldn't want to break down crying thinking about how much I hurt everyone. Especially you. I wouldn't be this close to you with out hurting you right now. But I do," Stiles stood directly in front of Scott, their faces inches apart.

"If my humanity wasn't on, I wouldn't be here in front of you and tell you that I love you. But I do," Stiles told him sincerely. Scotts eyes widened, his heart pounding in his chest.

"You... Love me?"

"Yeah, I love you Scott McCall," With not another word said Scott pressed his lips to Stiles' softly. The kiss was desperate, they haven't kissed in what felt like decades. Scott miss the sweet honey taste of Stiles' lips, how soft they felt against his own, how they molded within his own. Scott missed all of it, he almost forgot the feel of Stiles, his presence. The real Stiles.

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