11 | Crossing The Line

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Madison dumped another bag of assorted candy onto the sidewalk between us before stuffing the empty wrappers from the first bag into our tray of trash

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Madison dumped another bag of assorted candy onto the sidewalk between us before stuffing the empty wrappers from the first bag into our tray of trash. The wind threatened to blow the wrappers across the grass, but Madison placed a heavy knife on top of them.

Camila groaned and tossed her head back. "Madison." She pulled a sucker from her mouth and pointed it in Madison's direction. "You're going to give us all diabetes if you keep feeding us candy."

I rolled my eyes. "It's Halloween, Camila. Candy is the name of the game." I unwrapped another piece of chocolate before popping it into my mouth.

My hands twisted my orange pumpkin around before I scooped out more of the seeds into the bucket beside me. Squeals from little kids trick-or-treating on campus filled the air. A mother picked up her son dressed like a ghost and spun him in the air. Before my mother made Caleb and I stop dressing up, Halloween used to be one of my favorite holidays. It was always my chance to be someone else.

"Thank you, Allyson." Madison's eyebrows pushed together in disgust as she stuck her manicured nails back inside her pumpkin to scoop more of the seeds out. "We might have to go to a Halloween party to get you more in the mood, Camila. You know the Friday night before game day always has the best ones."

Camila placed the top back on her pumpkin after setting a battery-operated candle inside. "I'd be down for that. Since you and Keith got together, I haven't seen you at many parties." She raised an eyebrow as she watched Madison's expression.

"When you find your other half, there's no reason for parties," I added with a small smile.

Madison let out a nervous laugh. "I mean I wouldn't say other half, but Keith is a nice guy." She flicked a seed off her index finger.

Camila pulled her sucker from her mouth again. "Oh, so just because you're dating Daxson Winters you think you have all the relationship advice, huh?"

My cheeks flushed red at the mention of Daxson's name. "We aren't dating."

Madison stifled a giggle to my right as she forced her hand back into her pumpkin.

Camila rolled her eyes and bobbed her head back and forth. "We aren't dating, my Latina ass. Apart from when he's had to leave for away games, you two have been inseparable for the past few weeks."

"We just enjoy each other's company. It doesn't mean we're dating." I shrugged. "I can have a friend that's a guy, and not date him. That's a thing, you know."

Madison glanced up from her pumpkin before flicking some of the seeds at me. "But my question for you is, what's holding you back? Why not date?"

"You seem like a good fit," Camila added eagerly.

I sighed, running my fingers along the rough top of my pumpkin. "It's complicated, guys. He's still not over an ex-girlfriend, and I, well, I'm scared to take that next step."

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