Chapter 17

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The men and Nick stood behind Olivia as she walked in.

"Well look who decided to join us. Momma Benson."Lewis snarled.

"I have half the NYPD outside right now. Let them go. Now." Olivia said looking at her daughter with tear stains across her cheeks.

"Nah. No that would be to easy." Lewis said walking toward Dana and Pasiley. "Easy. Just. Like. Her." He said putting his hands on her shoulder.

"Get off my daughter." Olivia spat.

"Okay." Lewis said.

Olivia was taken back by what he had just said. She knew it was too good to be true.

At that very moment Lewis said "I'll let them both go if you come to your bedroom. Without these men. It will only be US four in this house"

Olivia froze. When she was able to talk she said "Then we all walk outta here."

"Deal. but they come" Lewis said. untieing Pasiley and Dana.

Olivia walked to her  bedroom moments later Pasiley and Dana followed Lewis in. Lewis tied Dana and Olivia up.

"I got my favorite girls right here." Lewis said smricking. "All to my self."

Olivia swallowed hard. She didn't know what he was going to do. But she had a close enough idea.

"Pasiley you first." Lewis said. Pasiley looked up confused

"Baby"  Olivia said worriedly.

"Come on Pasiley I want privacy. Let's go to your room." Lewis said grabbing Pasiley and walking to her bedroom.

"What am I doing first?" Paisley asked completely oblivious.

"Well it's actually fun" Lewis started "All you have to do is kiss right here and I'll do the same to you." He said pointing to his junk.

Pasiley made a face."Ew no."

"Honey you don't have a choice" be said before taking off his pants then her shirt.

"Right here. Kiss it." Lewis said.

Pasiley stared at it.

Lewis took her hair and pull it down until her lips was on him.

"Good girl." He said. " Now it's my turn."

"No. Please don't." Pasiley begged.

"I don't care." He said as he slipped his tounge into her.

Pasiley let a large scream escape her lips.

Olivia and Dana looked at each other.

"It's ok Pais. I love you." Olivia yelled to the other room.

"I think we need to have mommy come In here." Lewis said annoyed with Olivia.

He brought Olivia into Pasiley's room. Olivia looked over at her naked daughter crying on the floor. She didn't even know what to say. Lewis came back in

"Lewis what do you want?" Olivia tried.

"Nothing you can give me." He said being smart.

He started touching Pasiley again, making her cry. He slipped himself into her. Making her yell even louder.

Olivia turned. She knew her daughter would need her but she could not watch her daughter get raped.

He pulled him self out of her and began on Olivia.

Olivia winced but didn't give any emotion. She just stood there.

"That's it." Lewis said hitting Olivia. Hard. across her stomach leaving a hand print.

Olivia screamed.

"That's better." Lewis said enjoying himself.

In Olivia's bed room, Dana saw a face look in the window and saw Nick.

"Oh thank goodness." Dana whispered.

Dana struggled trying to losen her restrains.

She finally got free and ran to the window for Nick to come in to.

I know it's SHORT as anything but I wanted u guys to know I didn't forget about you. thanks all for the comments!!!

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