42~Old Parables

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Marie-Anne's POV

"Buddy, what's wrong?" I ask Ben when he wouldn't stop crying. I just put him down and he woke up right after. I walk with him across his room to see if he would calm down. I know he's sleepy, but I wish he would just stay asleep. I close my eyes trying to think for a second, his blanket, that's why he won't stay asleep.

Now I just wish, I could find it, I turn his room upside down trying to find, but it's nowhere to be found. I hope Dylan didn't forget it at his place. I pick up my phone dialing his number, "everything okay?" He asks answering the phone. "Why is he crying?" He asks again when he heard Ben over the phone.

"He's fine, I think you forgot his blanket at your place when you brought him back," I tell him. I can't believe I wasted my day with that jerk, I could have been at home with my son. Everything's fine until they find out you have a kid. Men...

"Um... I don't think so, he had it with him while I was driving back to your place. I probably dropped it in the car, I'll bring it over," he says.

"Thank you," I say hanging up the phone. I continue to walk with Ben to see if he could stop crying.

After only five minutes, the doorbell rings, I suck my teeth, I wonder who's bothering me this late? I open the door to see Dylan, he got here quite fast. "Weren't you at your place?" I ask him.

"No," he says hanging Ben the blanket. He then takes him from my hand, I sigh in relief, he was getting a little heavy. A year ago, I wouldn't believe you if you said Dylan would be a good dad, but he's proven it to me over and over again. He's been there throughout the whole pregnancy and he's been there ever since Ben came out my belly.

He hasn't let our problems and disagreements get in the way of him being here, "I'll go put him down," he says, Ben is starting to fall asleep. "I don't know why you still give him the blanket," he says coming back from his room.

"I don't know," I tell him.

"All I'm saying is that you can take it away. He can't be crying whenever he doesn't have it," he says.

"Dylan he's a kid, it is the pure nature of a kid to get too attach to something," it's true. I remember being obsessed with this one princess dress my dad got for me when I was six. I would wear the dress every day, to school, to church, everywhere. I would start crying the moment my mom would try to take it away from me. She ended it up burning it in our backyard in front of me when she told me she was only getting the dress to wash it.

"Then take it away," he says. "What's going to happen next? Is he going to be walking across his high school's graduation stage with a blanket?" He asks sarcastically.

"You realize his just nine months, right?" I ask him trying to make sure he knows because I feel like his forgetting things right now.

"I know, I was there when he was born," he says. He walks to my kitchen opening the fridge, he grabs a beer and starts drinking it.

"You know E's going to kill you, right?" I ask him. Esther does not like people drinking her beers.

"I know," he says, "make sure you tell her I drunk it," he says. "Don't try to change the subject," he says pointing his index finger towards me. "I'll take the blanket the moment he fully falls asleep," he says.

"No, you won't," I tell him. He is just exaggerating, sure we have our parental differences, but he is just pushing this too far. Dylan can be pretty cool, however, he is really strict and mean when it comes to certain things, I guess it's because how he was raise.

"Marie-Anne," he says. He's been calling me like this ever since I met him, that was almost ten years ago, nevertheless, it still sounds so good when it comes out of his mouth. To any other person, I would tell you to stop calling me my full name, but not him. "You can't give him something you know he wants and take it back later," he adds.

"What?" I ask him not understanding what he is saying. He's the one trying to take it away, not me.

"You're allowing him to have it, but you know as soon as he's old enough, you'll take it away," he says. "I'm sorry if I'm trying to save him the pain. The earlier you let him know he can't have it forever, the better it will be," I open my mouth to say something, wait is he still talking about the blanket?

"Are we still talking about the blanket?" I ask him trying to see where he coming from. I can't help, but think what he is saying has another meaning behind it.

"Do you think we're still talking about the blanket?" He asks sarcastically taking a sip of his beer. The beer looks so good right now, I can't drink it. I'm dedicated not to drink, I kind of had to stop after I found out I was pregnant.

"Not at all," I tell him honestly.

"Exactly," he says leaving the room, "I'll see you tomorrow!" He yells from the front door. After a few seconds, I hear the door open and close.


Dylan's POV

"Dylan, you drunk my beer," Esther says as I enter the door. I just got here and she's already accusing me.

"Hey," I say to Marie-Anne who opened the door. Ben is crawling behind her, I pick him up from the floor carrying him on my back. He starts giggling, I take a seat on the sofa next to Esther putting him down. "I did and it was so good," I say replying to her.

"You better be glad I like you," she says raising her index finger to my face. "Want to play cards?" She asks me. I look at the coffee table and see the deck of cards laying there. "It's my day off and Marie is too busy doing laundry to play with me," she says a frown on her face.

"Sure," I say. We start playing shortly after.


"I win," Esther says after another round.

"You just got lucky," I lie to her. She is really good, she's not that good, but I am actually horrible at playing any type of card game. I never spent my time playing cards as a kid, I spent my free time going to karate lessons, piano lessons, and even dance lessons once. My mom would put me in any program as long as it kept me out of the house.

When I got older, I was too busy with football and soccer to bother playing cards. "Five times?" Esther asks. I chuckle putting the cards down. Ben climbs on me and I set him down on my lap. I hear footsteps coming closer toward the living room, turning around I see Marie-Anne walking to the kitchen. She has a pair of leggings on with a tank top, I didn't notice when I came in.

After Ben she worked so hard to get her baby in shape, I guess her hard work paid off. Her wild hair is in a messy bun probably to keep it at of the way as she does the laundry. We could see the kitchen where we are sitting, she stands on her tippy toe trying to get something out of the top cabinet. I watch as she struggles to get it, at the end, she takes one of the stools finally getting it. "Why don't you just tell her?" Esther asks causing me to startle and turn around.

"Tell her what?" I ask her unsure of what she's talking about.

"Tell her you still have feelings for her," she says. I gulp down ignoring her. "I hear you are trying to keep Ben from the pain of his blanket being taken away from him when he's older?" She asks sarcastically.

"Do you have experience of something being taken away from you when you were already too attached?" She asks me.

"Shut up Esther," I say jokingly to her getting up. "Come on, let's go find your mom," I tell Ben walking towards the laundry room. I open the room, Marie-Anne looks up at me.

"You want something?" She asks throwing some clothes in the dryer. I simply shake my head, "I'm taking the blanket," she adds after a few seconds of us standing in silent.

"W-what?" I ask her. She was pretty serious yesterday about not taking it away.

"It's not fair to him and it wasn't fair to you." My eyes dilate wider not believing my ears, "your parable," she says. "It had nothing to do with the blanket."

"I came to ask you if I could take Ben with me," I state not wanting to get into this subject right now.

"He's your son," she utters.


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