"You never did anything with that boy" Baylee says "It was a prank to make you freak, I didnt find humor in it what so ever" She says throwing me my clothes

"Thank you" I say feeling really sick to my stomach "I need to see my boyfriend, I will call you" I say to Baylee putting my clothes on and leaving


"Gabe" I say to him as I walk in his door and kiss him

"You smell like weed" He says giving me a devilish look

"Oh you have good smell" I say laughing but still feeling really sick

"Its fine. Just no more" He says hugging me but I hold my stomach "You alright?" He says holding my arms

"I think I might have gotten something" I say running to the bathroom to throw up

"That settles it. We're going to the doctors" Gabe says leaning on the bathroom door frame

"Why, its probably just the stomach bug or something?" I say 

"My mother always said no matter how little. Better safe than sorry" He says helping me up and hugging me

I mean I guess he has a pretty good point


We arrive at the hospital, but Gabe stays in the car so he isnt spotted by anyone.

"Ill see you soon" I say kissing him and getting out of the car


"So what seems to be the problem. Ms. Hull" My doctor says writing stuff on her notepad

"Well I have been throwing up, but my boyfr.... friend wants me to get checked to make sure its nothing" I say looking around the room

"Good friend" She says handing me the peeing cup "You know the drill" She says walking out as I walk in the bathroom and pee in the cup"

"We will be right back" She says


30 minutes past and Gabe texted me saying he got us lunch for when the appointment is over

"Alright Ms. Hull Im happy to tell you that......."


I slowly but sickly and nervously walk to the car to see Gabe eating his sandwhich he bought.

"Hey how was... You dont look so good" He says looking at me as I get in the car "Your paler than the moon"

"Gabe..." I say looking at him with tears in my eyes

"Riley, whats going on?" He says holding my cheeck whipping my tears away 

"Gabe, I......"




But anywho

Stay Beautiful xoxo

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