My witch awakened.

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"HELP HER!" I screamed at the nurses who were rubbing the defibrillator things together. Give me control. WHAT!? GIVE ME CONTROL ANGEL! WHY? DO WANNA SAVE HER!? WELL YE- THEN GIVE ME CONTROL. So I gave Stripe control and floated to the back of my mind. "Leave." Stripe said to the nurses. "B-but d-didn't you j-just say?" The nurse stuttered back. "I said, GO!" Stripe growled, using a bit of her Alpha voice. They left immediately not being able to resist the tone. What are you doing? Be quiet, I need to concentrate! Sorry. Just as Stripe said that, a purple light glowed in my hand. I took back control and the light flickered so I harnessed all my energy to my hand, making the light shine brighter.

I then touched her heart and suddenly the heart moniter started beeping again. I smiled at seeing all the purple flow through her veins, every scar and wound it passed disappeared. Her eyes flickered open and she looked at the purple that was now traveling down her legs and then  the diming light in my hand. Then she smiled.

"Hi how are you feeling?" I asked her as all the purple reached her toes and then disappeared. "G-great. Sorry I d-didn't introduce myself p-properly. I'm Lucy and I, Lucy promise to make an unbreakable vow to teach you all the magic a know to repay the debt I am in for your kindness." She said and I gasped. "You will be getting sleepy now but just know that you are an exceptionally powerful witch." She continued and she was right, I was getting sleepy. "Thank you again you can go now." So I said a quick goodbye and I somehow teleported back to my room where I slept like a baby.

I woke the next day only to have cold water splashed all over me. "Ahhhh!" I screamed as my brain registered what was going on. "Come on lazy get up." The witch, Lucy said to me. "But h-how did y-you get i-in?" I asked shivering from the cold. My symptoms of hypothermia were ignored by Lucy who just gestured to the bathroom.

"Ok we are deep in the forest so yesterday I made a vow to teach you all my magic. If I break that vow, I die." She started, bringing up all my unanswered questions from yesterday. "Wait slow down." I said as she continued talking about goodness knows what. "Slow down." I said a bit louder and waving my arms around. "SLOW DOWN." I shouted with Stripe's voice mixed with mine.

This shut her up and I'm pretty sure she winced as well. "I have some questions first and you WILL answer them honestly and to the best of your abilities." I growled a bit fed up but I started before she could protest. "Why were you beaten up and bruised?" I asked her. "W-well I w-was a-attacked b-but a pack." She stuttered. Any confidence she had before is now long gone.

Lie. I huffed in frustration. "Listen here witch, it's either me or my tiger, Stripe. I have a bit of rational thinking and humanity in me but when Stripe is pissed, those two things go out the window so I'll ask you again, why were you beaten up and bruised?" I snarled at her.

I think I scared her too much. You definitely scared her too much. Hell, you scared me. You made me scared of myself. I laughed at her comment. We're a lot more powerful than we know. "Fine. I'll tell you."

I'm soooo sorry this chapter took so long to come out! It's been like 5 years! Ok mabye that's an exaggerated exaggeration but still! I'm really sorry but better late than right. Right!?

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